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Alien: Resurrection Featurette Highlights The Design Of Ripley’s Ill-Fated Clones

Warning: if you or your boss is offended by naked disfigured Sigourney Weaver models, maybe don’t watch this video.

As much as I like to rag on, say, Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, I try never to actually root for a science fiction project to fail, or to be bad. It’s my favorite genre, and the fun I might have talking shit about it on the internet if it’s awful is not nearly as much enjoyment as I would get out of being genuinely, pleasantly surprised. Part of my reasoning? It’s freaking hard to get a movie made. Even something that doesn’t ultimately come together well still represents the talents and hard work of hundreds of people who gave it their all. So I’m actually really fascinated by the above featurette, a dialogue-free exploration of the Ripley clones models from Alien: Resurrection. The movie? Not great. The design and model work on the clones? Gorgeous.

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Jupiter Ascending Brings Out Big Creatures And Spaceships For International Trailer

As regular GFR readers already know, I have a healthy amount of snark running through my veins, and there’s no real science as to when and where it comes out. The thing is, when it comes to Andy and Lana Wachowski’s upcoming space epic Jupiter Ascending, my Cynicism Release Mechanism appears to be on the fritz. I just plainly want this film to be great, regardless of how sharp Channing Tatum’s ears eventually get. And the international trailer seen above, with its new footage of flying creatures and giant robot spaceship things, just makes me all the more excited.

Granted, this trailer initially doesn’t look too different from the first one that Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow released. “Is this the girl?” “This is the girl.” “Kill the girl.” “I’ll save the girl!” Pink bug alien! Radio drama at its finest, no? Thankfully, the new visuals start popping up as it goes on.



Aliens Use Creepy Kids Kill In This Trailer For The Whispers

As the 2013/2014 television season draws to a close, we’re getting a ton of news about what shows will return to the airwaves once fall rolls around and which ones didn’t quite make the cut. We also get to see what new additions will fill out the schedule, and while some of them will likely suck beyond belief, at this stage they all still all look so promising and we can be hopeful. At least until those expectations are dashed before our very eyes. If you’re looking for something esoteric and also alien-related, check out this intense new trailer for ABC’s The Whispers.

The action in this trailer starts slow, and kind of questionable, but builds exponentially over the course of three short minutes. It also makes small creepy children even creepier than they already are. Seriously, those little buggers are straight up killers, I don’t care if they’re acting on orders from their telepathic alien imaginary friends or not, they’re all out to get us. The first episode was directed by Mark Romanek, who also directed the failed Locke & Key pilot a couple years ago, but also helmed the Robin-Williams-as-a-stalker thriller One Hour Photo, not to mention a crap ton of big-time music videos. It should also be noted that Steven Spielberg is producing this bad boy.



Steven Spielberg Colonizing ABC With Alien Invasion Drama Whispers

CloseEncountersThe little green men are coming! Okay, so I’m not sure at this point whether any of them are little, green, or men, much less a combination of all three, but one thing is for certain: we’re about to get invaded. At least twice. Yesterday we told you about Colony, an alien invasion series in the works for the USA Network, from Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse. Well, now that show has some competition, as ABC has ordered to series The Whispers, a new science fiction invasion series produced by Steven Spielberg.

There aren’t many details available about The Whispers just yet, but we know the show involves unfriendly aliens who want to destroy and/or conquer our planet, and that their plan somehow involves using children. Heroes‘ Milo Ventimiglia stars as a man who wakes up on the streets of Washington D.C. with no idea who he is, but with a series of strange tattoos that could lead him to answers. Lily Rabe (American Horror Story) plays the tattooed amnesiac’s wife, Claire, and Revenge’s Barry Sloane is playing a Department of Defense investigator who stumbles onto something big.

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Amy Adams May Talk To Aliens For Denis Villeneuve’s Story Of Your Life

amy adamsAnnounced back in late 2012, FilmNation Entertainment and Lava Bear Films’ planned adaptation of the short story thriller Story of Your Life has been one of our more anticipated projects, as it should prove to be one of the most unique big-screen tales in recent years. And if we all keep our fingers crossed and dance in a circle while repeating the “special chant,” Amy Adams will be the star to put her acting chops to work bringing this story to reality. That is, if she’s not filming Superman movies for the next 15 years.

Adams is in early talks to join the film, which already has a super-talented director in Denis Villeneuve, who has had a really strong year with his recent thriller Enemy gaining praise even from the people who didn’t go gaga over his kidnapping mystery Prisoners. He’s a guy that knows how to deliver tense cinema, and Adams is a great choice for a lead, though she hasn’t made anything quite like this before.

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Alien, Prometheus, And Flash Gordon Shine In Gorgeous New Mondo Posters

Alien-sWe’ve bemoaned the state of modern movie posters a lot here on GFR (this very day, in fact). Go to your local theater and just look at the walls. Oh look, there’s a collection of giant heads! Hark, it’s somebody with his back to the camera! And brace yourself, because here comes a picture of the two leads standing back-to-back in wacky fashion! Thankfully, the folks of Mondo are on hand to give more creative makeovers not only to modern films, but to older classics. Their latest exhibit features lovely limited-run posters for the first two Alien films, Ridley Scott’s disappointing Prometheus, and even good old Flash Gordon. You can click the images for a larger version.

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