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Corey Feldman’s Imagination Casts Corey Feldman As Han Solo, Jr. In Episode VII

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When considering actors whose are largely defined by a single role, especially when that one role is discernible for being their only popular role, I can’t think of any better example than Mark Hamill, who seemed to be destined to be a one-role wonder until his resurgence as a wonderful voiceover actor in the ’90s. Conversely, when I think about someone who is marginally famous for a few sub-noteworthy roles instead of anything insanely memorable, my mind reluctantly drifts to Corey Feldman, who has clearly created a larger deep end to jump into after falling off of the current deep end.

In a recent interview, Feldman showed much interest in taking on the role of Han Solo, Jr. for 2015’s Episode VII. Like Robert Pattinson’s Jar Jar Binks interest, this is a concept that has no base in reality, since no aspect of the story, or original character’s offspring, is public knowledge. Also, both of those are terribly shitty ideas to almost anyone with any vested interest and (new) hope in where the franchise will go. Pattinson, while unproven as an actor, but not necessarily a Star Wars actor, nearly gets a pass just because of his relative freshness [And likely smartass-itude – Ed.]. But Corey Feldman’s adult career is notable for little else besides a voice that is increasingly sounding like Christian Slater’s death rattle.


Harrison Ford Willing To Be Han Solo Again In Star Wars Episode VII

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Harrison Ford is willing to reprise his role as Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie in 2015. The role of Han Solo launched Ford’s career in Hollywood so it would be fitting to see him put on the holster and vest again.

After the announcement that Star Wars: Episode VII was on its way in only 3 years, some wondered if the original cast would be involved with the new movie. reports that Harrison Ford is “open to the idea” if he’s needed for the new film. Sources also say the 70-year-old actor is “upbeat about” reprising the iconic space pirate role.

Harrison Ford would take the role in Star Wars: Episode VII if he read the script, met the director, and had a good death scene. If all of these elements were in play then Ford would be open to be in the film. Also, if Disney would drive a dump truck full of money to his front door. Harrison Ford is notorious for taking roles strictly for the paycheck (Cowboys & Aliens anyone?).

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were also approached to also reprise their roles as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia in the new Star Wars movie so if Disney lands Harrison Ford too then the transformation will be complete. We’ll have a continuation of Return of the Jedi on our hands.


Han Solo Carbonite Business Card Holder Sure To Impress In The Boardroom

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Looking to make an impression in a professional capacity? It’s tough out there. You can hand anyone a business card, but you need to do whatever you can to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A handy little business card holder might help you do just that, and make you look all grown up. But not just any chrome-plated, monogrammed card carrier will do for you, oh no, you need something a slightly more in line with your personal proclivities. Perhaps one molded to look like Han Solo frozen in carbonite is more your speed.

Here’s a photo of what the finished product from Think Geek looks like. While I have absolutely no use for something like this in my daily life, there’s no denying that it is pretty damn cool.


One More Way George Lucas Has Ruined Star Wars: Han Solo Dance Party

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Maybe you’ve seen some of the commercials for Star Wars: Kinect and thought… “oh hey that looks kind of cool.” The game, in theory lets you learn to be a Jedi and in a very cool twist, actually tracks your real hand motions as you do things like simulate swinging around a lightsaber.

That sounds pretty good and all until you realize it’s actually just a buildup to a Star Wars dance off.

That’s right a Star Wars dance off.

Worse, they made Harrison Ford play it and pretend to like it.

In the following, miserable and depressing video, you’ll see two humiliations happening. In one humiliation the character of Han Solo is in the video game dancing and making a complete jerk out of himself. In the other humiliation, the actor who played Han Solo is forced to make his character dance and in the process looks like someone’s doddering old grandpa.

I don’t recommend watching this…


Han Solo Was Supposed To Die In Return Of The Jedi

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Here’s something that will come as no surprise to anyone who’s watched the Star Wars prequels: George Lucas altered the plot of Return of the Jedi to sell more toys. Here’s something that probably will be a surprise though: Doing so might have made it a better movie.

Talking to the LA Times producer Gary Kurtz revealed that “The original idea was that they would recover Han Solo in the early part of the story and that he would then die in the middle part of the film in a raid on an Imperial base.” Presumably that’s the Imperial base on Endor where Han, Leia, Chewie, R2D2, and C3PO are saved by the Ewoks in a massive battle with Imperial stormtroopers.

After Han’s death the movie would have ended with Luke walking off into the distance, bitter and alone. A Clint Eastwood-style loner. Princess Leia would have gone off to struggle dealing with new responsibilities. The Luke ending sounds great but “struggling with her new responsibilities” smacks of all the political slog in the prequels which no one cared about and just didn’t work.


The Toughest Science Fiction Characters Of All Time

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Science fiction plays host to some of the toughest characters in all of fiction, so we’ve set out to put together a team of the toughest of that tough bunch.  Think of it like the Avengers, except with more bullets and a heavier focus on fighting aliens.

If you’ve got a job dismantling angry robots or shooting at things in outer space, or you need someone to travel back in time and kill your creepy Uncle before he’s born, we’ve got the ultimate team to do it.

These are the most unstoppable, gritty, hard-as-nails characters in all of science fiction. On their own each is fully capable of saving the universe. Together we suspect they’d literally be able to do anything.

SarahConnorSarah Connor

When you first met Sarah Connor, she was a meek, mild-mannered waitress just sort of floating aimlessly through her life. Encounters with a vicious, single-minded cyborg from the future, sent back to hunt you down so your son is never born, have a way of changing that. Over the course of the first two movies in the Terminator movies, Sarah transforms into a serious action star, teaching herself all manner of combat and survival skills, actively seeking out any and all knowledge that might help her in her one-woman war against Cyberdyne Systems and a future ruled by human-hunting machines. Basically, she’s a perfect addition to your team of mercs, and will always be working to improve her already ample skill set and add to the team.

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