Michael Mann’s Cyberthriller Blackhat Is A Jumbled Misfire

BlackhatWith the massive Sony infiltration at the end of last year, and the subsequent threats of violence at screenings of The Interview, hacking is a big topic of conversation at the moment, one that is at the forefront of the public consciousness. Which makes the release of Michael Mann’s hacker thriller Blackhat seem incredibly fortuitous, as the action follows a team of Chinese and American agents as they track a mysterious cyber outlaw with destructive tendencies across the globe. Unfortunately for audiences, the movie is a dull, drab affair that, while occasionally slick, with a few moments of nice tension, carries little more than that to recommend it.

Computer technology changes and evolves so quickly that movies like this often feel out of date in short order (remember when the likes of Hackers, Lawnmower Man, and countless others were considered high tech?). As you watch these characters toss jargon back and forth, that side of Blackhat feels like someone watched an episode of 60 Minutes about hacking, and you can almost hear the relevance slipping away.


We’re Getting More Torchwood, Here’s How

TorchwoodWith the 50th anniversary festivities in 2013 and a new Doctor to celebrate in 2014, the last two years have provided plenty to talk about when it came to Doctor Who. But what about Torchwood, the little sibling that never gets any respect? It’s been in limbo since the not-great Miracle Day, but we’d still love to see Captain Jack Harkness back in action. Well, we will be getting that wish granted…minus the “see” part.

While promoting The CW’s Arrow at the 2015 TV critics winter press conference in Pasadena this week, actor John Barrowman (Captain Jack) revealed that, while there’s no news about another season/miniseries of Torchwood, the characters will be returning in three or four planned BBC radio plays. Barrowman says the plays will be “character-based,” but hints that at least one of them will involve what the Post Gazette describes as “the whole Torchwood team.” Of course, it’s anybody’s guess what that means at this stage, since Torchwood has been notoriously brutal to the team’s membership over the years. We can assume the return of Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles), but what about Mekhi Phifer’s Rex Matheson, who was certainly left in an interesting state at the end of Miracle Day? Time will tell.


The Walking Dead Adds This Mad Men Actor In A Mystery Role

Ross MarquandEveryone on AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead needs to be careful, as damn near anyone can be killed off at damn near any time. You’ll be walking along, thinking what a lovely day it is, and out of nowhere, you’re walker food. Should have checked behind that tree. New people are especially at risk, and many of them are lucky to even get a name—season three at the prison was a free for all when it came to killing off glorified extras. That said, when the fifth season returns for its second half next month, there are going to be some new faces. Maybe they’ll stick around for a while, like Tara, maybe they’ll last half an episode. However it works out, we now know that the cast has added a new member in the person of Ross Marquand.

Marquand is going to be most recognizable to fans of another popular AMC drama, Mad Men, which I’ve never watched, but I’m told features him playing a version of Paul Newman. That must mean he’s pretty good at impressions. He also lends his voice to Phineas and Ferb, so you may recognize him from there. Right now there’s no word on what character he’ll play in the undead adventure, but there are theories floating around.


Here’s Your Best Look Yet At Jurassic World’s Vicious New Dinosaur

Jurassic WorldMaybe it’s called D-Rex (short for Diabolus rex), maybe it’s called Indominus rex, but no matter what name the new villainous dinosaur in Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming Jurassic World sports, it’s going to be one nasty piece of work. There was a quick glimpse of it in Lego form (though those pics got pulled down in short order), and we saw that it can climb out of a 40-foot enclosure in the trailer, but we’ve never had a clear image of what the new big bad is going to look like, until now.

Since these are leaked pieces of promotional art, you have to assume they’ll get pulled down before too awful long, and we’re way to lazy to deal with a cease and desist order today, so before we proceed, you should click HERE and check out the pics.


Kyle MacLachlan Will Return To Twin Peaks For Some Damn Fine Coffee

twin peaksThis isn’t totally unexpected news, but we’re glad to hear that one of our favorite actors is returning to one of our favorite shows to play one of our favorite characters. Twin Peaks wouldn’t be Twin Peaks without the inherent strangeness of David Lynch, but it also wouldn’t be the same without Special Agent Dale Cooper. It’s now being reported that Kyle MacLachlan will return to the series, and character, when it gets a new lease on life on Showtime next year. And he might not be the only one coming back. Twin Peaks may not be sci-fi, but it’s weird as shit, and we love it to death.

According to Deadline, MacLachlan has finalized a deal that will see him revisit what is perhaps his most famous, or at least most memorable role. He was expected to return—it would be hard to have the show without him and his “damn fine cup of coffee,” and he even made noise about it last October—but it is nice to know that he’s back in the fold and we can scratch that one worry off the list. The Dune star said, “I’m very excited to return to the strange and wonderful world of Twin Peaks. May the forest be with you.”


This Chappie TV Spot Favors Action Over Emotion

We’re still a few months out, but Sony Pictures picked this week to kick up the marketing campaign for Chappie, the latest from District 9 and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp. We’ve seen a domestic trailer, an international trailer, and now a new TV spot. And the people behind the project are talking, too, shedding light on the process and story.

This new commercial definitely plays up the action side of the movie, and if you’ve seen any of Blomkamp’s other films, you know that’s one of his strong points. It does, however, skip over what we expect to be the more central concerns of the film, the story and emotional component. Chappie is just like any other child, curious, eager to learn and be loved, the only difference is, he’s also a robot. The first of his kind that can think and feel for himself, he faces all kinds of prejudice and obstacles, including fighting that huge, ED-209 looking robot. That’s going to be awesome on the big screen.