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Strange Love: Sci-Fi’s Weirdest Movie Romances

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It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and unless you want to spend the rest of the year sleeping on the couch, odds are you’re making plans to woo the special lady in your life. Or if you are that special lady, you’re making plans to sit back and be wooed. It’s good to be a woman. Love isn’t easy and, no matter how hard we try, things don’t always go as planned. But no matter how your Valentine’s Day turns out, find solace in this simple fact: It could be worse. At least your significant other doesn’t have tentacles. These are the strangest romances in science fiction.

movie romanceStarman: Jenny Loves An Alien Replica Of Her Husband
In Starman an alien (Jeff Bridges) comes to Earth and, discovering a lock of hair from a woman’s dead husband, decides to re-create himself in her deceased lover’s image. Jenny (Karen Allen) sees him and, confused and conflicted, befriends him. She helps him on his journey to leave Earth and return home, and in the process falls in love with him. But is she in love with the creature who’s impersonating the man she once loved, or is has she convinced herself that the alien is some recreation of the man she misses? Maybe it’s a little of both, but once her star man leaves the planet, this widow’s going to need a lot of therapy.


TV Review: Sci-Fi Channel’s Star Runners

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starrunnersTime is running out for the Sci-Fi Channel which, in a matter of weeks changes its name to SyFy so they can, presumably, run less science fiction and sell out to the infinitely more profitable world of ultimate fighting. Maybe it’s for the best. Sci-Fi has never been as sci-fi focused as its name suggests and when they try, it always turns into a bad horror movie. Case in point: Their latest made for TV movie Star Runners.

It starts out in the right direction, with old school pulp lettering in the credits and an outer space chase sequence. That seems sci-fi enough, doesn’t it? Former Trek helmsman Connor Trinneer stars as Tycho and Heroes best-buddy James Kyson Lee is Lei Chen, a pair of transport pilots or “star runners” with an illegal shipment to slip past the feds. It seems at first that they’re going for a Han Solo/Chewbacca dynamic here between the two of them, smugglers shaking patrols cracking wise at one another. It never quite works, mostly because Trinneer and Lee play their characters as if they’ve just taken a heavy dose of sleeping pills, but at least the script seems to be trying, even if it’s not succeeding.


Live Action Star Wars TV Series Casting

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starwarsbatThough it’s getting pretty good ratings on Cartoon Network, Clone Wars left a lot of Star Wars fans scarred. So scarred in fact that we’d almost forgotten there’s another, potentially better Star Wars television project in Lucas’s fan-pipe.

The live action Star Wars television series is still happening, and MTV says casting is already underway. Actress Rose Byrne let the info slip while junketing for her new movie Knowing. Says Byrne, “A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it.”

Last we heard the show will focus on minor characters in the Star Wars universe. Don’t expect to see Luke Skywalker or Han Solo for instance. It happens in the time period between Episode III and Episode IV, when the Empire is at its strongest and the Jedi are extinct. Because of that, don’t expect to see any Jedi, or for that matter lightsabers on screen either.

Anybody else having a Battle for Endor flashback?


Giant Freakin Update – Moore Gets More, Ghost In The Shell, Bad Fans, And More

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With the addition of defecting former Cinema Blend writer Matt Norris to the team, we’ve done a lot better job over the past couple of weeks of well… catching everything that’s interesting. It helps too that we avoid all the superhero and straight up, completely non-sci-fi horror dreck here the clutters up so many sites. Yeah, it’s a traffic winner but it’s been covered more than adequately everywhere, usually at the expense of other, more legit sci-fi.

So while we love us some Batman, we’ll stay focused on the rest of the science fiction genre on GFR (with only an occasional superhero pit stop), and in this, your weekly Giant Freak Update. It’s your guide to all the cool stuff our wives wouldn’t let us get around to reporting for you throughout the week, probably because they wanted us to “spend time with them”. I know, I don’t get it either. I’m really not that interesting. Here we go:

Ron Moore Making A New Sci-Fi Trilogy For Film! – Battlestar Galactica creator and all around science fiction guru has been given a blank check to create his own science fiction trilogy for the movies. We don’t know what it’s about, but it’s Ron Moore, so it’s going to be good. Move over Lucas, here comes Ronald D. Moore.

Spielberg Makes Ghost In The Shell – Yeah, that Steven Spielberg. He’s producing a live action version of the classic Japanese Manga/Anime Ghost in the Shell.

Star Wars In WWII – Ever wanted what Star Wars characters would look like if they were thrust into World War II? Yeah, me either, but the folks at Toy Mania have done it anyway. See Han Solo, WWII bomber pilot here.

Bad Fandom: Worn Out By Whedonites – Let’s face it, no matter how much most of us may love Serenity, we all know those Joss Whedon fans are a little nuts. Stuart over at CB had the balls to call him out on it. As anyone who knows a Whedonite would probably expect… they responded by trying to proselytize Buff. Worth a read, check it out here.

Trek Remastered Rescheduled – If you’re wondering why we didn’t have another one of those cool Star Trek: Remastered teaser images from Michael Okuda this week, it’s because the next episode has been rescheduled. The newest one, “Mudd’s Women” was supposed to air this weekend, but has been rescheduled to next weekend instead.