Star Trek 3 Is Being Written By One Of Its Stars, Details Here

star trek into darknessThis is not exactly the name that we expected to hear connected to the writing job on Star Trek 3, but it could be awesome. It is being reported that, now that Justin Lin has taken over as director, Simon Pegg will co-write the script with Doug Jung.

Though he’s most recognized for his efforts in front of the camera, Pegg has an impressive resume as a writer as well. His highest profile work is obviously with Edgar Wright on the Three Flavours trilogy—Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, though their collaboration goes all the way back to Spaced—but he also wrote Paul, Run, Fat Boy, Run, and many more. Deadline reports that Pegg, who already plays Scotty in the revamped franchise, steps into the role after Roberto Orci was ousted as his duties as writer and director in the wake of disagreements with Paramount over the direction of the film.


J. Michael Straczynski Is Adapting This Iconic Sci-Fi Book Trilogy For Television

MarsTrilogyThe sci-fi TV renaissance just won’t stop. HBO and Jonathan Nolan are adapting Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. The newly reinvigorated Syfy is working on small-screen versions of James S.A. Corey’s The Expanse, John Scalzi’s Ghost Brigades, Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End, and Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin, to name just a few. Spike TV isn’t a network we would have expected to jump on this bandwagon, but a few months back word broke that they were adapting Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars trilogy. We were already intrigued, but our interest level just shot through the roof because Deadline reports that the man writing the script will be Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski.

Robinson’s Red Mars was first published in 1993, and was followed by Green Mars in 1994 and Blue Mars in 1996. Collectively they chronicle the colonization and terraforming of the Red Planet over the course of two centuries and from many different viewpoints. Between them, the books collected a boatload of Hugos, Nebulas, and Locus Awards. Vince Gerardis, co-executive producer of HBO’s Game of Thrones, is producing Spike’s Red Mars series, and Robinson himself is onboard as a consultant.


Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #7 Brings The Eternal Dogfight To Earth

Doctor WhoTitan Comic’s Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor has been all over the place quality wise. Every time it takes a step in the right direction, the next issue takes two back, or at least diagonally. In fact, the last issue, the sixth in the run, was literally a story told backwards, from end to beginning, in a gimmick that was just cheap and aggravating—it begins with the death of a key character, only pull an, “Oh, he’s not really dead” move that leaves a bad taste.

More than the other continuing Doctor Who titles, The Eleventh Doctor has been prone to cramming a single arc into each individual issue, making them too short and shallow to have much impact. So knowing right away that Issue #7, “Eternal Dogfight,” is the first installment of a two-part adventure makes you aware that this is going to be bigger, longer arc. That’s reassuring, providing more space to lay the groundwork and get you invested in the story. And the result is…mixed.


The Walking Dead Companion Series Plays On Your Knowledge Of What’s To Come

zombie fenceThe second half of season 5 of The Walking Dead is quickly shuffling our way (it’ll be here before you know it), but in the meantime we’ve been hearing a number of intriguing new details about the upcoming companion series, Cobalt. The other day we saw some excerpts from the script of the first episode, which shed some light on the setting and plot, and now there’s even more to learn.

Just a heads up, there may be some potential spoilers for Cobalt beyond this point.


Syfy Is Turning This Hugo-Winning Sci-Fi Novel Into A Six-Part Miniseries

SpinSyfy’s new leaf has been turned over, for good or ill. Over the past year or so, Syfy has been touting the goal of becoming the go-to destination for smart sci-fi TV, and they’ve accompanied that change in direction with an ambitious development slate of projects like The Expanse and 12 Monkeys. Well, now we can add another entry to Syfy’s campaign to win fans’ hearts and minds: they’re turning Robert Charles Wilson’s Hugo-winning novel Spin into a six-hour miniseries.

Released in 2005, Wilson’s Spin kicked off a trilogy that continued in 2007’s Axis and 2011’s Vortex. So assuming Syfy’s Spin miniseries goes over well, there will be fodder for at least two follow-ups, should the network want them. This is early days, but they’re definitely starting out on solid footing, having hired screenwriter Jim Uhls (Fight Club) to adapt the book. Granted, Uhls also wrote Jumper, but I’m going to choose to remain optimistic here.


Comic(s) Relief: Warren Ellis’ Injection Explores A World Gone Weird

Injection1With a resume that includes stellar titles like Transmetropolitan, Planetary, and Global Frequency, writer Warren Ellis excels at creating two of our favorite things: comics and science fiction. He’s got a knack for blending bleeding-edge scientific concepts with unforgettable characters and a pitch-black sense of humor that guarantees I’m interested in pretty much everything he does. Now he’s shared a preview of his upcoming Image series, Injection, in his Orbital Operations newsletter. The series sees Ellis reteaming with artists Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, his partners from Marvel’s 2014 Moon Knight series. Injection is slated for an unspecified 2015 release, but in the meantime you can check out the intriguing synopsis and preview art below.