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Simon Pegg And Alfonso Cuaron Rumored For Star Wars Movies

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It’s been a few days since we ran any insane Star Wars rumors, so I figure it’s just about time, don’t you think? Today’s rumor is essentially nothing more than a pair of names that supposedly may be involved with the future Star Wars movies in some capacity. Those names? Simon Pegg (Star Trek’s Scotty) and director Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, the upcoming Gravity).

The news is from entertainment blog Marketsaw, which claims the info comes from an unnamed source close to the production of the new Star Wars movies. Cuaron is mentioned as a possible director for Episode VIII and/or Episode IX. Given that those movies are still a long way off, it’ll likely be quite some time before that rumor can be confirmed or denied. If it is true, Cuaron would be a great choice, because he’s shown mastery of his craft and a knack for working with genre material on films such as Children of Men and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

As for Pegg, it’s unclear how he would be involved, but unsurprisingly he’s being mentioned in connection to Abrams’ Episode VII. Abrams has shown a tendency for loyalty when it comes to actors, so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see Pegg visiting the galaxy far, far away. He’s traditionally been cast as the comedy type, but he did play a memorable villain in the Doctor Who episode “The Long Game,” so it would be interesting to see him given the chance to do something else outside-the-box in the new Star Wars films. Maybe they’ll glue yak fur to him and make him a Wookiee.


Olivia Munn Really Wants To Be In Star Wars: Episode VII

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It seems like every actor in Hollywood wants a chance to be in the new Star Wars movie. This is a golden opportunity for anyone to break into the industry or re-ignite a fledgling acting career. So it’s no surprise that actress Olivia Munn wants to be a part of director J.J. Abrams’ journey into the Star Wars universe in Episode VII.

While taking part in a Twitter interview, Munn expressed her interest in landing a role, or job, on the new Star Wars movie. Who would she play? Munn proposed playing Han Solo’s daughter. She would also opt to work craft service on the production. Read Olivia Munn’s tweet below:



Mark Hamill Wants To Get The Gang Back Together For Episode VII

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With Harrison Ford rumored to be joining the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s no secret that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are expected to join too. How could you have a Star Wars movie with Han Solo, but without Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mark Hamill talks about his status with Lucasfilm and the new Star Wars movie. Apparently, Kathleen Kennedy and Michael Arndt have been taking meetings with Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Hamill explains:

They’re talking to us. George [Lucas] wanted to know whether we’d be interested. He did say that if we didn’t want to do it, they wouldn’t cast another actor in our parts – they would write us out. … I can tell you right away that we haven’t signed any contracts. We’re in the stage where they want us to go in and meet with Michael Arndt, who is the writer, and Kathleen Kennedy, who is going to run Lucasfilm. Both have had meetings set that were postponed — on their end, not mine. They’re more busy than I am.


Kevin Smith Thinks The Force Is Strong With Star Wars And Disney

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Star Wars seems to be everywhere these days. When Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion a few months ago, it re-sparked America’s love affair with the Star Wars universe. But let’s face it; if it weren’t for Disney, Star Wars would be a dwindling movie franchise.

As hot as the Star Wars franchise is right now, could we eventually be in danger of oversaturation? We love the idea of new Star Wars movies now, but what about seven years down the line? According to filmmaker and geek pundit Kevin Smith, who spoke with THR, Star Wars has a good chance to live up to expectations and save the movie industry. Smith says:

Now part of the Disney empire, Star Wars will become as ubiquitous as Starbucks. It’s now as American as baseball and apple pie and as universal as Coca-Cola. In our current business climate of outsourcing, Star Wars may be America’s last remaining dependable export. So it’s a good thing they’re taking the expanded universe approach: giving Yoda, Boba Fett and Han Solo their own movies is creatively and financially ingenious. Grouse though they may that it’s not ‘their Star Wars‘, every old-school fan will line up to see a Yoda origin story…


Starstruck: The Ten Best Romances In Sci-Fi Film & TV

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FarscapeJohn Crichton & Aeryn Sun, Farscape
If you asked me to narrow this list down to just one entry, to the single relationship that stands above all the others, I would jettison everything but John and Aeryn without a second’s hesitation. Much of that is down to the white-hot onscreen chemistry between actors Ben Browder and Claudia Black. But the two unlikely lovers also go through more in four seasons than most couples do in 60 years together, and they still come out of it together.

The real test of love is not hanging together in the good times. It’s in clinging to each other when things go as bad as you could possibly imagine, and then somehow find a way to get worse. John and Aeryn go through all manner of horrors together, but the true genius of the show’s writers comes when Crichton is split into two identical versions of himself, and the show’s core group is then split as well. One Crichton stays with Aeryn, and their romance continues to blossom…until that Crichton — her Crichton — dies. When the surviving Crichton reunites with Aeryn’s group, she’s suddenly faced with a man wearing her lover’s face, but who is — as far as she’s concerned — just an empty echo, one that only makes her grief worse. It’s a brilliant, uniquely sci-fi way of solving that old Moonlighting problem of what happens when the will-they-won’t-they couple finally gets together. And in spite of that terrible, seemingly insurmountable obstacle, Crichton and Aeryn eventually find a way back into each other’s arms. Let the universe throw whatever it wants at them, they’re in it for the long haul.


Aliens: Colonial Marines Mostly Comes Out At Night: This Week In Science Fiction

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Aliens: Colonial Marines
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Given how shamelessly games have been aping the look and feel of James Cameron’s Aliens over the years, it’s surprising that it’s taken this long for something like Aliens: Colonial Marines to happen. That being: an in-canon game taking place after the events of Aliens, allowing players to explore many of the iconic locations from the films. Colonial Marines puts you in the body armor of Cpl. Christopher Winter, part of a squad tasked with investigating just what the hell happened to Ellen Ripley and company down on good old LV-426. I think we can all agree, this should go off without a hitch…

The story was written by Battlestar Galactica veterans Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, and the designers at Gearbox Software were given access to tons of material to help flesh out the corners of the Aliens world that was only hinted at in the films. You’ll get to explore the empty corridors of the Sulaco, and the creepy interior of the derelict Engineer ship where this mess all started in 1979’s Alien. Hell, they even got the chance to pick Ridley Scott’s brain about Prometheus, so there could well be some crossover surprises we haven’t heard about yet.

I’ve been dreaming of this game for years, and I desperately hope it doesn’t disappoint. If it all comes together, I look forward to several nights on my couch with the lights off, creeping through the colony on LV-426, listening to the beep of the motion tracker as something creeps ever closer through the vents. Game over, man. Game over…