Jurassic World: Four Big Questions About The Super Bowl Trailer

Last night’s Super Bowl movie trailers were a bit overshadowed by the Patriots’ narrow victory and Katy Perry’s dancing sharks, but by far the star of the Big Game’s movie-related material was the latest trailer for Jurassic World. We got a few more enticing shots of the mysterious Indominus Rex, hints that Chris Pratt’s role is going to be even more badass than we thought, and a reminder that cloned flying dinosaurs really ought to have their wings clipped. The trailer did leave is with a few key questions, however. Hit the link to read on, but first here’s the trailer itself.

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The Walking Dead Returns To Put One Of Its Own In The Dirt: This Week’s TV Picks

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns from winter hiatus this week, digging up an episode with the cumbersome title of “What Happened and What’s Going On.” We join Rick and company in the aftermath of tragedy, putting one of their own in the ground and once again alone in the wilderness with no sign of sanctuary. The enigmatic official episode synopsis doesn’t provide many clues as to what to expect: “After the recent trials the group has faced, a slight detour could be the solution they’ve been searching for.”

Here’s an equally vague teaser video:


This Might Be The Next ’80s Toy To Make Its Way To The Big Screen

GoBotsYou can tell that Hollywood is starting to getting to the bottom of the barrel as far as preexisting properties to adapt. Not only have we had multiple reboots of the same title, like Spider-Man, but now we’re at a point where they’re just adapting whatever they can get their hands on. When we get a movie based on the board game Battleship, you know we’re likely to get anything (I’m waiting for Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie). Michael Bay and Hasbro have obviously had a great deal of success with the Transformers movies, raking in billions of dollars across four movies, and now it’s looking like we could be in store for a GoBots movie.

Hasbro recently started moving down the path to bring this not-as-popular franchise to your local metroplex. The toy company has already brought Ouija and G.I. Joe to life on the big screen in recent years, in addition to Transformers and Battleship. And let us not forget the upcoming Jem and the Holograms adaptation.


Amazing Sci-Fi Ship Models Made Entirely Out Of Paper

Do your fingers ever start to go numb just from looking at the amazingly intricate work that some steady-handed artist had the time and dexterity to complete? I had to finish typing that sentence with my nose because these papercraft models are almost too amazing to be real. To kick it off, check out the lunar module from Apollo 13.

apollo 13


Elle Fanning Will Headline This Futuristic Coming Of Age Tale


The younger of the acting sisters, Elle Fanning is turning into quite the prolific actress, and one whose talent is rarely up for debate. So we’ll gladly keep welcoming her here in the land of sci-fi, and her next project sounds like she might be perfect for it, as she and Elysium‘s Diego Luna have both signed on to star in the — wait for it — post-apocalyptic drama IO. Teenage girls are the only things that matter after the world goes to shit.


Snowpiercer: Harvey Weinstein Says He Was Right All Along About Edits


Last year, one of the most frustrating “events” in science fiction was the seemingly needless delay keeping Bong Joon-ho‘s dystopian masterpiece Snowpiercer away from a U.S. distribution. The problem? The Weinstein Company co-head Harvey Weinstein assumed that U.S. audiences wouldn’t grasp the movie, and when that imploded, he then assumed that no one would go and watch this flick in theaters. Here we are, many months after the film’s acclaimed run on domestic VOD, and Weinstein recently had the gall to brag about how he was right all along.