Where Is The Wayfinder Compass?

Where is the Wayfinder Compass? That is a question that many new Destiny 2 players might ask, but we are here to break down this brand-new artifact.

By James Brizuela | Updated

destiny 2 where is the wayfinder compass

“Where is the Wayfinder Compass?” If you happen to be playing Destiny 2, you might have asked yourself this question. Or rather, you might be asking yourself what the Wayfinder Compass is and why is it important to the game. Plenty of new additions to the game happen every season, and if you happen to have just started to play the game, people might be talking all about the Wayfinder Compass, leaving you completely in the dark. Well, we are here to help dive a bit deeper into what the Wayfinder Compass does, and how players are able to secure this new seasonal artifact that can be used for upgrades that many players are certainly going to want to use.

How Do You Get The Wayfinder Compass Quest?

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At first glance, you might not know where the Wayfinder Compass is, but don’t worry, it is not that hard to find. In fact, all it takes is a simple cut scene that follows the introduction of Destiny 2: Season of the Lost when you log in to take on this portion of the game, and the accompanying opening quest. You will notice a familiar character known as Mara Sov, who is the Awoken Queen. She sets you on a path of quests in the Dreaming City that will start the Wayfinder’s Voyage I questline. Once this quest is completed, you will automatically be able to access the Wayfinder Compass via your inventory and in the H.E.L.M. hub space. This will then unlock weekly challenges that can be achieved to upgrade the Wayfinder Compass. Why upgrade the Wayfinder Compass? Keep reading to find out.

Where is the Wayfinder Compass Located?

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Where is the Wayfinder Compass? Well, as the article indicates, it can be found simply after completing the introduction question to Season of the Lost. Once completed, players can access the Wayfdiner Compass via the artifact page on the player menu. Also, when visiting the H.E.L.M., the Wayfinder Compass will be squarely inside the Awoken wing. The Wayfinder Compass can then be accessed like a shop or when approaching another NPC.

How Do You Upgrade The Wayfinder Compass?

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Once you have answered the question: where is the Wayfinder Compass (WC)? you might be wondering what the Wayfinder Compass does and how it is upgraded to receive the awards that await players. Well, for starters, the Compass takes a special type of upgrading material called Parralax Trajectory that can be acquired by completing strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches, public events, and defeating enemies across the Solar System. Season challenges can also be used to upgrade the Compass as well, including just logging in and playing the game. However, the challenges completed can also help to upgrade this ancient artifact a lot faster.

Once this Parallax Trajectory has been collected, it can be used to upgrade or calibrate the WC. These upgrades will lead to powerful mods to equip for the season. These mods can include increased weapon speed, reloading times, and enhanced magazine sizes. The tiers start at the green level, with the first cell costing 150 Parralax Trajectory to unlock. The remaining cells in the column will then cost anywhere between 400 to 600 PT to unlock. These upgrades start at the green or uncommon, blue or rare, and purple or legendary.

These upgrades will showcase how the Shattered Realm works. The green tier or Barrier Breach upgrades will allow players to traverse through the purple barriers throughout the levels. The blue tier or True Sight upgrades will reveal hidden secrets and platforms. The purple tier or Safe Passage removes the slow effect from the Fields of Strive.

Does the Wayfinder Compass Reset?

The WC does not reset, as it is the Season of the Lost artifact. This artifact shares the same type of importance as the Spicer Glove and the Proving Hammer. There are seasonal quests to complete when wanting to upgrade the Wayfinder Compass, though not every weekly quest will do so. Locating the small Wayfinder Compass icon next to any given quest will determine if it is set to give you the Parallax Trajectory needed to upgrade or calibrate the WC. There will be no need to keep asking, where is the Wayfinder Compass? Just look to the Artifact slot on your character screen. The Artifact will stay in the player’s inventories for the duration of the season.

Why Is The Compass Important?


During each season of Destiny 2, there are artifacts that can be used to secure much-needed upgrades. As mentioned above, the Wayfinder Compass acts much like the artifacts of previous seasons. Much like the Splicer Glove and the Proving Hammer, the Wayfinder Compass will allow players to unlock upgrades that can benefit their class and how they play the game. Upgraded magazine sizes, speedier reloads, and faster weapon firing can make all the difference when a raid is getting too difficult, or you’re stuck online by yourself and there are some enemies that are just that much more difficult to take down. Finding out where is the Wayfinder Compass, and then completing the weekly objective can have you shooting like a pro and allowing your guardian to get through even the toughest challenges.

Now that we have given a breakdown of where the Wayfinder Compass is and how it functions, players can use it to put together some powerful upgrades. Just remember that not every weekly challenge can be used to upgrade the Compass. Also, the experience for the Compass is time-locked, so the weekly challenges will go away quite fast. Make sure to jump on those challenges as soon as possible to ensure that you upgrade the WC to the highest level.