See Venom As A New Skin In Fortnite

By Jason Collins | 3 weeks ago

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Fortnite’s Season 8 is praised by the gamers as one of the best seasons so far, mainly due to the vast array of content available for all gamers. Besides introducing character skins from other franchises, like Superman, Batman, Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil, and the T-800 from Terminator, the King of Crossovers just added a Venom skin in the Fortnite Item Shop. Everyone’s favorite anti-hero is now added in anticipation of his movie release, while his nemesis, Carnage, has been previously added to the game.

According to an official announcement from Epic Games, players that have already wrecked chaos as Carnage can now bond with the Venom Symbiote as Eddie Brock. It’s worth noting that this is an entirely different character skin than the Venom Bundle skin released during Season 4. The new Eddie Brock skin is actually based on the upcoming film and even looks like Tom Hardy. Unleashing Venom is done using the built-in Venom Unleashed Emote, transforming Eddie into chaos-wrecking, liver-eating Symbiote. Tasty.

The Eddie Brock Outfit also comes with an included bundle of symbiote joy, including the emote and the Symbiote Scythe Pickaxe, which was previously available individually or as a part of the previously-released Venom Bundle. The new Bundle includes previously-released items, like the comic-based Venom skin, and a Different Tasty Snack Emoticon, which unfortunately refers to chocolate and not the Symbiote eating an opponent player. However, purchasing two bundles for one character can cost quite a few V-Bucks (in-game currency). Well, not quite. Players who already have purchased the Venom Bundle from Season 4 will be able to obtain the new bundle at a discounted price.

Eddie Brock’s Venom is hardly the first Marvel character to have joined Fortnite. Black Panther, Wolverine, She-Hulk, and Storm are just some of the hero skins introduced to the game, though the exact number sits somewhere around 30. Unfortunately, Marvel-loving fans of the game will no longer be able to download the game for macOS and iOS systems, following the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit, which ultimately resulted in Apple blacklisting Fortnite from its digital storefronts. This will be in effect for the foreseeable future, or at least until all the court proceedings between the two companies have been exhausted, which could take years.

The new Eddie Brock outfit is purposefully released ahead of the upcoming Venom: Let There Be Carnage movie, scheduled to release on October 1, 2021, starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and the legendary Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, a.k.a. Carnage – Venom’s baby boy, who happens to be one of his biggest enemies, besides Spider-Man. It’s still unknown whether the upcoming movie how the upcoming movie will handle the Venom/Carnage paternity issues from comics, but the film’s director, Andy Serkis, has confirmed that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will definitely meet Tom Hardy’s Venom in some future cinematic release.

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Those interested in seeing Eddie Brock and Venom ahead of the upcoming film’s release can do so in Fortnite by spending a few V-Bucks in the game’s Item Shop. Those that haven’t played Fortnite should try the game – the Battle Royal received over 20 different awards from gamers and critics for a reason.