2022’s Best Game Is On Xbox GamePass, And It’s Getting A Massive Expansion

Vampire Survivors is getting a new DLC titled Tides of Foscari.

By Jason Collins | Published

vampire survivors

Elden Ring might’ve won the most coveted gaming award, but 2021’s Vampire Survivors took home the BAFTA Award for Best Game, leaving Elden Ring and its destructive and stunning RPG rival in the dust. Now, the award-winning auto shooter is getting yet another competitively priced DLC, titled Tides of the Foscari.

According to VGC, Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari is scheduled to drop on April 13 for Xbox, PC, and mobile versions of the game, priced at approximately $2 or €2, depending on where you live. The upcoming DLC will introduce eight new characters, 13 new weapons, one new stage, seven music tracks—super important—and 20 new achievements for all those completionists playing the game. As for the narrative, Tides of Foscari has been heavily influenced by various fairy tales and folklore.

The previous expansion, titled Legacy of the Moonspell, was centered around Japanese folklore, but the new narrative introduces the Great Forest, infested with all manner of magical beasts, demons, angels, demi-humans, spellcasters, and spirits—basically everything that would make you regret being one of those explorer’s in the rear. You know, the ones that are first to go missing. At the center of this forest, ripped straight out of a Brothers Grimm book, lies the Foscari Academy, a wizarding school in which powerful wizards learn to weave magic and bend reality.

As for Vampire Surivior‘s new content, the announced weapons will have their base form, along with all the evolutions, and we can expect to see a new sword, a bow and arrow, and probably a staff or a wand. However, the additional achievements brought by the DLC will prompt the completionists to restart the game from the beginning. Unlike Sega’s Sonic Frontiers DLC, which refused to work if you had already started the game’s story, Tides of the Foscari apparently requires a Vampire Survivors story restart just for the sake of in-game achievements.

Besides introducing new, DLC-related content, Tides of Foscari will launch alongside update 1.4, which will unlock several other things within the Vampire Survivors game. According to the game’s developer, this patch will be significantly smaller due to the previous game engine update, which also brought substantial upgrades to the game and made the patching more streamlined. And considering just how much fan support this fantastic game has, it isn’t likely to fade to oblivion, just like Marvel’s Avengers did. Hear that, Square Enix?

Vampire Survivors dropped in 2021 and became an indie hit of 2022, as it caught the attention of gamers across the globe due to its affordable price tag—because good games don’t have to be expensive—old-school graphics and very addictive gameplay. Besides dusting away the giants at BAFTA, the game also took the Best Debut Indie Award at The Game Awards, so it’s quite reasonable why the fans love it and why it continues to pump out more content. Vampire Survivors: Tides of Foscari will launch on April 13; very reasonably priced, and you can wishlist the game on Steam now!