The Witcher 3’s Next-Gen Update Will Bring In Fan-Favorite Mode

The Witcher 3 free next-gen update is going to bring in performance and graphics mode to consoles.

By Jason Collins | Published

the witcher 3

CD Projekt RED has finally shared additional details pertaining to the previously discussed The Witcher 3 next-gen update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions, thus revealing every upgrade coming to the acclaimed 2015 title. This is exciting news for the fans of the franchise; the next-gen update will revive the interest in The Witcher game while the fandom is waiting for the release of the next installmentThe Witcher 4.  

According to Kotaku, CDPR announced a whole list of goodies and improvements players could expect from the update once it Drops on December 14 — a whole day after the Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired event in World of Tanks stars. The next-gen update for The Witcher 3 is coming after a crushing delay that postponed the game for nearly a whole year, and one of the biggest changes introduced, at least when it comes to console versions of the game, is the inclusion of performance and graphics modes. Hear that WB Games Montreal?

PC-playing fans of The Witcher aren’t left out when it comes to performance enhancements, and the update introduces a more zoomed-in camera view which adds a more cinematic feel to the game. Overall, the announced and implemented changes aim to make the already acclaimed open-world game even more visually appealing. It even introduces an over-the-shoulder camera introduced by the original Resident Evil 4 that’s currently getting a remake. In fact, the whole list of improvements across all platforms is quite extensive.

the witcher 3

Besides the performance and graphic modes coming in the free update, The Witcher 3 will also introduce haptic feedback on PS5, a cross-save feature between the platforms, and button shortcuts for Sign magic. Additionally, the in-game map will feature a filter option that removes the flood of question mark symbols, and the mini-map is now set to disappear while Geralt is riding on horseback or during combat. Besides other graphics options, updates, and bug fixes, the update will also include bigger subtitle fonts as an accessibility option.

As for the Netflix-inspired content, The Witcher 3 next-gen update will also include a questline that rewards players with gear inspired by Henry Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt, as well as optional Netflix-style costumes for Ciri, Yen, Tris, Dandelion, and Nilfgardian soldiers. To be entirely honest, the game now features shinier surfaces during rain, better lighting reflection and refraction, and overall, a more stark contrast between reflections and shadows, with crisper details that are much closer to the original game’s reveal of 2013.

Back then, the players backlashed at CDPR for releasing a downgraded version of The Witcher 3 since the game didn’t exactly look as presented two years prior. Yet, with the new updates, the game is looking better than ever. While it’s hardly comparable to games like Ghost of Tsushima, or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, it’s still a decent benchmark for how an open-world RPG game should look and feel. This is especially true on the PC platform, where the new Ultra Plus graphics setting will push the nearly eight-year-old game beyond its visual maximum.