See The Legendary Monsters Added To The Sims 4 DLC

By Jason Collins | 15 seconds ago

the sims 4

While the previous iterations of The Sims have added vampires, zombies, and even plant people, the newest DLC for The Sims 4 is finally adding the vampire’s and zombie’s archenemies — the werewolves. The newest game pack is titled Werewolves and allows gamers to create or become lycanthrope Sims, go feral, regain control, and even master the art of transformation and mentor young pups. You can see the trailer below:

According to Polygon, Maxis, and Electronic Arts (who recently got into trouble over rainbow-washing) didn’t go in-depth over the new features in the trailer, but we did get to see Sims transform into werewolves, hunt, and go about other werewolf business. It’s worth noting that The Sims 4already has other transgenics, like vampires, PlantSims, and zombies, so the addition of werewolves actually makes perfect sense.

As per The Sims 4 trailer above, there appear to be two types of transformation. A controlled transformation is gained as an ability and allows the Sims to transform at will, but an uncontrolled transformation occurs when your Sims has its Fury meter topped off — it then transforms and goes into a rampage. While rampaging, the Sim can’t revert to its human form at will, has a tendency toward destructive and animalistic behavior, and loose its human-like abilities.

The Fury meter is influenced by several things, the most prominent being the full moon. Other factors may stem from Sim’s personality, which makes each werewolf in The Sims 4 more unique. For example, a Sim that has a “Frisky” trait will generate Fury when in a flirty mood, while those with “Wracked with Guilt” may generate additional Fury when sad. Of course, Sim’s actions as a werewolf are more animalistic at the start but get progressively better as you unlock additional skills, some of which can even turn your Sim into a werewolf influencer and activist.

The werewolf skill tree in The Sims 4 mirrors that of vampires, with 25 abilities split into five distinct tiers. Of course, the bottom tier always costs the least number of points and generally helps the werewolf Sim meet their needs as a werewolf, like grooming, sleeping in the wilds, scaring other Sims for fun, hunting for food, and marking the territory — which is quite evident if you’ve seen the trailer to its end.

More complex abilities naturally cost more points and include turning another Sim into a werewolf by biting them, digging tunnels for quicker traversal, scavenging for potential treasures, and regaining control after entering rampage mode. A special, dormant abilities tier is perhaps the most interesting, as it has gameplay requirements and can’t be acquired with points. For example, your Sim can learn controlled transformation after they’ve gone through an uncontrolled transformation without scaring other Sims, or learn Lunar Ephipany and cure themselves of the werewolf curse.

The Sims 4 Werewolves is set to release on June 16 for Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Its arrival follows several critical updates, which added gender expressions to the game and free will to its NPCs.