See the Bizarre Real-Life Super Mario Bros Game with Chris Pratt

A YouTuber has made a version of Super Mario Bros with a realistic Chris Pratt.

By Jason Collins | Published

As if the internet couldn’t get any weirder, a YouTuber is currently developing a realistically-styled remake of 1985’s Super Mario Bros. starring Chris Pratt as the Italian plumber, as if the announcement of the new film starring the very same actor wasn’t stressful enough. Still, the remake of Super Mario Bros actually looks really good, thanks to Unreal Engine and, as the trailer voice-over stated, three months of effort and a million tutorials.  

According to Kotaku, a YouTuber named Re-Imagined Games uploaded a video of the original 1985’s Super Mario Bros being remade using the Unreal Engine and starring none other than the lead of the upcoming Mario film — Chris Pratt. Admittedly, the trailer showcases some quality work, and if anyone wants to check out Re-Imagined Games’ work, they’re in luck since the channel overflows with content about the remake’s progress.

If we neglect the fully-detailed rendition of Chris Pratt in the iconic overalls — which also looks amazing — the game really looks fantastic. The whole world is re-rendered with detailed graphics and improved physics. Gameplay-wise, the remake of Super Mario Bros is everything you’d expect from one of the most expensive games ever, including breaking blocks, jumping on enemies, grabbing items, and touching the flag pole at the end of each level.

Super Mario Bros Chris Pratt

However, there are certain improvements. The game now features 3D platforming, which, according to the AI bot voice-over mimicking Honest Trailers, doesn’t make the game any easier. Quite the contrary, actually. The Super Mario Bros is still in development, and not all assets have been carved out. For example, Jack Black’s character, Bowser, is just a cube at the moment. But the game maker made it clear that the villain would appear in one of the coming updates and that it would continue to develop and polish up the game.

Considering that they made a very faithful model of Chris Pratt as Mario, we can already assume that Bowser might appear as the animorphed version of Jack Black — we wouldn’t be surprised. On a related topic, Illumination — the company that made Minions famous — announced a new Super Mario adaptation some two years ago. Of course, the fans of Super Mario Bros weren’t as thrilled as one might’ve expected. Admittedly, the unfavorable reaction was mostly inspired by the previous attempt to translate Mario from gaming cartridges to the silvers screen.

The 1993’s film was an absolute flop, and even the die-hard fans of Super Mario Bros. and the entire Mario franchise still consider the failed movie a stain on the franchise’s name. And to be entirely honest, casting Chris Pratt as the next film’s protagonist did little to improve the initial reaction. However, it’s pointless to judge a book by its cover. While the vast majority of Mario fandom expressed their concerns about Prat’s interpretation of the character, the actor might still surprise us with his performance.

With everything said, the Super Mario Bros fanbase has a considerable history of impressive fan projects, including the Re-Imagined Games remake. Unfortunately, many of these were notoriously shut down by Nintendo through DMCAs, preventing the content-hungry fans from enjoying something the company itself won’t provide.