Super Mario 64 Trick Revealed 27 Years After The Game’s Release

Speedrunner PaLiX finally did the impossible and collected a 1-Up mushroom in Super Mario 64 that was thought to be unobtainable for 27 years.

By Jason Collins | Published

super mario bros. 64

Chris Pratt‘s upcoming Super Mario movie may be making all of the headlines, but the plumber’s greatest game is still incredibly popular decades after its release. A Super Mario 64 speedrunner just obtained the impossible 1-Up mushroom, proving that the impossible is actually possible. The feat previously considered impossible took 27 years to complete, as the player of one of the most valuable games ever managed to get the mushroom without dying in the Nintendo 64 game.

According to GamesRadar+, PaLiX, a Super Mario 64 speedrunner and YouTuber, just shared a video showcasing a new strategy to collect the so-called impossible 1-Up mushroom on Cool, Cool Mountain. The method through which the incredible thing is achieved involves having Mario jump for about an hour and a half, after which the game glitches and allows players to position Mario in a perfect place to get the 1-Up, and not die. Instead, players who achieve this, and do everything correctly, should be able to finish the level.

Two things we want to mention at this point: this was a tool-assisted speedrun, and this isn’t the first time someone actually got the impossible 1-Up. Allow us to elaborate further; the speedrunner clearly stated that the run and the achievement are tool-assisted in their video. This begs the question of whether or not this feat can be reproduced without the use of any tools whatsoever. Admittedly, using said tools doesn’t take away from the impressiveness of this achievement people have been hunting for the past three decades.

The tool-assisted method has the Super Mario 64‘s Mario jump out of the level and fall to the finish line below. Then the player is supposed to jump between two walls for the aforementioned period of time, which also involves prolonged exposure to Mario’s exclamation sounds. However, slowly jumping between two walls allows Mario to scale them until he eventually reaches a point where he locks up. Then, thanks to an exploit involving how the game calculates Mario’s position relative to the floor, Mario can break free and fall onto the 1-Up.

Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros.

But, as stated above, this wasn’t the first time someone caught the 1-Up mushroom—it’s only the first time someone actually lived through the ordeal. Some nine years ago, another player wall-jumped his way up to the slide, grabbed the 1-Up, and sent Mario into the void. Even then, catching the impossible mushroom was considered impossible, so the previous attempt was also quite magnificent at the time it was made. It also sent players on a new mission: get the mushroom and stay alive.

Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 for the iconic Nintendo 64 console, and it’s one of the most famous video game titles ever made. It was the first Mario game feature 3D gameplay, combining classic Mario elements with a 3D open world. The game received critical acclaim upon release, including numerous Game of the Year honors, ending up at a pretty high rank on nearly all lists that feature the greatest games of all time.

After years of silence, Shigeru Miyamoto recently revealed that a new Mario game is in active development. No more news is expected anytime soon, since Nintendo is skipping E3 this year. Super Mario 64 is currently available through Nintendo Switch Online.