Stargate: Timekeepers First Footage Revealed, See It Here

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

stargate timekeepers

It has been seven months since we first reported on the new Stargate: Timekeepers video game, the first-ever strategy PC game based on the fan-favorite series Stargate SG-1. Now, the game’s publisher, Slitherine, has released the first gameplay footage — and unfortunately, fans aren’t particularly thrilled with Slitherine and CreativeForge’s results.

You can see the first Stargate: Timekeepers gameplay footage below:

The newly-released gameplay footage from Mission 2: “The Resistance” is only three minutes long, but its only purpose is to give the Stargate fans a taste of what’s to come and what exactly they can expect from the game’s campaign. Apparently, Slitherine and CreativeForge conceptualized Stargate: Timekeepers as a real-time tactical strategy video game, and according to ComicBook, the fans are disappointed by the choice of genre. It would seem that the franchise’s fandom would prefer an XCOM-type of game, but Slitherine and CreativeForge obviously had other plans.

The gameplay style of Stargate: Timekeepers looks incredibly similar to gaming titles like Desperados 3, and Shadow Tactics, both of which were massively successful games, with almost perfect ratings. So, despite the fandom’s initial disappointment, it’s entirely possible for its gameplay style, narrative, and overall quality, to win fans over once Timekeepers actually releases. Unfortunately, the creative studios behind the title, various trailers, and gameplay videos haven’t revealed the game’s precise release date. Everything we know so far is that the publisher aims to release the game sometime in 2022. But, admittedly, the game looks like it is in good condition, at least from what we’ve seen in the gameplay video, so those interested in the game might not have to wait for next Christmas.

It’s also worth mentioning that Stargate: Timekeepers’ gameplay style isn’t the only “questionable” decision the game-making studios made. As far as anyone knows, the next Stargate game won’t be the continuation of the series since it does not follow the ending of Stargate SG-1. Instead, the game’s narrative spins off at the end of Season 7, during the Battle of Antarctica, and provides a story setting that’s parallel to the Battle. It’s a completely new narrative that has been produced in collaboration with Metro Goldwyn-Mayer, so, at the very least, the gaming audience won’t be disappointed by the story of the game.

Minor gameplay elements still remain unknown, but as the title suggests, Timekeepers will center around time travel, Commander Eva McCain and her team on various adventures throughout the critical points in the franchise’s timeline. Of course, there will be optional side missions adjacent to the main storyline, in which you’ll save allies and civilians while simultaneously earning various bonuses for a job well done. These will impact your effectiveness against the upcoming game’s villains — the System Lords.

It’s worth pointing out that, regardless of the fandom’s initial reaction, Stargate: Timekeepers has fantastic potential to become a really high-quality gaming title. Its publisher, Slitherine Games, has produced over 200 strategy and war-based games for several gaming platforms already, which only attests to their ability to make a good game — so why would Stargate: Timekeepers be any different?