Stargate Is Getting A Brand New Video Game

By Jason Collins | 1 month ago

stargate video game

The Stargate media universe is returning to the world of video games more than a decade after the previous effort went offline. The new Stargate game, titled Stargate: Timekeepers, will expand the franchise into real-time strategy gaming, as announced by the franchise’s owner MGM and UK-based publisher Slitherine.

As reported by GateWorld, the internet’s complete guide to Stargate, the new Stargate video game is currently in development by Creative Forge Games, returning the media franchise to the world of gaming. The new video game, Stargate: Timekeepers, will release as a real-time strategy game for the PC through various distribution platforms like Steam. It’s worth noting that Stargate: Timekeepers is the first licensed Stargate video game since the previous gaming title, an online third-person shooter Stargate: Resistance, went offline in 2011 due to its publisher’s bankruptcy and legal issues. Several other Stargate games were released during the “silent” decade, but those were exclusively released for mobile platforms.

The new game’s publisher, Slitherine, announced the game on May 11, 2021, dropping a 1-minute teaser trailer featuring a dialing Stargate and the game’s official logo. According to Gateworld’s article, the new Stargate video game’s story begins at the ending of Season 7 of Stargate SG-1’s central narrative. Timekeepers will start during the Battle of Antarctica and create an entirely original story, allowing players to travel through time and space and explore different points in the franchise’s timeline. Besides time travel, the players will face off with Goa’uld System Lords, rescue allies, and perform side missions adjacent to the brand new story.

stargate video game

At the moment of publishing, Stargate: Timekeepers is in its early development stage, meaning that nothing is set in stone, everything is subject to change, and it may take several years before we’re presented with a working game. The game’s Poland-based developer, Creative Forge Games, already has a few prominent titles under its belt, like Phantom Doctrine, Hard West,and Ancient Space titles, which all have great rankings on gaming distribution platforms. Creative Forge has a long list of developing titles, and the new Stargate video game is only one of them.

But the news that should really excite the gaming-devoted fans is the involvement of Slitherine Software as the game’s publisher. This UK-based video game developer and publisher is responsible for producing over 200 strategy and war-based video games for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and smartphone gaming platforms. Alongside their extensive list of video gaming titles, Slitherine publishes a series of tabletop wargames and works with the US military and defense contractors to supply simulation software.

The company developed and/or published several licensed gaming titles, including Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon, Heroes of Normandie,and several titles licensed by the History Channel, all of which good outstanding ratings. Given the sheer number of highly-ranked licensed titles in Slitherine’s roster, we’d say that the new Stargate game is in good hands and has the potential to be an absolute hit, based on what little we know so far. However, many things can change down the road. All we know for sure is that the new Stargate video game is finally in the making.