A New Skyrim Mod Has Been Downloaded A Ridiculous Amount Of Times

Will this game ever die?

By Jason Collins | Published


Just like crocodiles outlived the dinosaurs, the co-op modes have survived throughout the entire known history of gaming thanks to their innate features. But where crocodiles were ruthless semiaquatic predators that reign at the top of their respective food chain, co-op gaming modes survived because playing a game with your friends makes the gaming experience much more fun. Well, Skyrim fans took that a bit literally, as they’re producing different co-op mods in an attempt to drain the best title in the franchise of its last drop.

According to Destructoid, Skyrim Together Reborn lets you play the Special Edition of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Steam. The mod debuted on Friday on NexusMods, and after a weekend’s worth of word-of-mouth, the mod is nearing 100,000 downloads, which only attests to its quality and the community insatiability with the Skyrim game and its numerous mods. It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first co-op mod the Skyrim community got over the years, but it’s the freshest one available for download.

The Skyrim’s code suffered extensive rewrites since the original coding was too messy to work with, at least according to the mods’ creators, and the decision to rewrite the code really paid off. The result is a significantly better mod than the previously released Skyrim Together. The game is recommended for two to eight players for the optimal and best gaming experience, but there actually isn’t a hard limit on how many gamers can join forces.


As things currently are, the mod requires Skyrim Special Edition, version 1.6 on Steam, to work. Other versions of the game, including the previously mentioned Legendary Edition, VR, console, and Game Pass versions of the game, aren’t currently supported, and there are no plans to support those versions in the future. Setting up the mode requires some time, not only due to installing the necessary files but also going over the shared general guidelines that ensure the optimal gaming experience.

Of course, there are some caveats associated with the new Skyrim mod, the most prominent being the game hosting. Simply put, the party leader is regarded as the host of the game, and all the other party members are designated as guests. This has some practical implications, like having the party leader talk to important and quest-related NPCs and looting quest-related items on behalf of the group.

This means that co-op players can kill quest monsters and bosses, clear quest dungeons, do puzzles, etc., but the aforementioned actions like talking to NPCs and looting can be performed by the party leader only. As things currently are, the new Skyrim mod is one of the most popular game-related downloads, and it’s one of the best and most stable gaming experiences. Admittedly, the team behind the mod stated that it could not make any guarantees that other mods won’t interfere with Together Reborn’s stability and that their feature would sync properly.

This only attests to the fact that Bethesda Game Studios should strive to equip their future The Elder Scrolls titles with co-op features and leave The Elder Scrolls Online to those looking for an MMO gaming experience.