See The Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Sequel Trailer

By Jason Collins | 2 weeks ago

Star Wars survivor

The long-awaited sequel to Respawn Entertainment’s critically-acclaimed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order finally got a trailer, revealing the game’s title, its protagonist, and a release window for one of the highly-anticipated gaming titles in the past decade. The new entry in the Star Wars gaming franchise also sports a new subtitle, confirming our previous report on Respawn Entertainment renaming the gaming series from simple Fallen Order 2 to something entirely new — Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

 As reported by ComicBook, the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game was announced during the Star Wars Celebration event, taking place from May 26 through May 29, with a new teaser trailer that reveals Cal Kestis as the game’s protagonist. The new trailer also highlighted a new narrative, perhaps building on the narrative elements of the previous game, centering around Kestis some five years after the events of 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is fantastic news since the fans of the game really wanted Kestis to return for the sequel.

The trailer above isn’t bountiful in detail, but it does offer a release window, albeit a pretty broad one — the year 2023. There’s no indication when during 2023 the game might drop, so it’s best to assume that it would drop in late 2023, perhaps around the holiday season, given no delays that are currently plaguing the gaming industry. Besides that, the trailer did offer one more bit of information regarding the supported platforms the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is supposed to launch on.

It would seem that the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor won’t be coming to last-gen gaming platforms and will only arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Other sources claim that the game won’t release for Microsoft’s smaller console, the Xbox Series S, but we don’t honestly see that in the cards. Microsoft specifically focused its efforts and resources on the Series S variant as means of dealing with the ongoing chip shortage — since the smaller console uses way less semiconductive materials in its build.

But on the other hand, everything’s possible, and Respawn Entertainment might exclude the Series S consoles from the list of supported platforms to avoid diluting Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s gaming experience with less powerful hardware. Unfortunately, this step also excludes the Nintendo Switch console, which is the best-selling console in the current market, despite belonging to the last-gen gaming hardware category.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the long-awaited sequel to the iconic Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a game that reached universal acclaim shortly after its release, prompting Electronic Arts to consider the sequel. Of course, EA kept things under a very tight wrap; any news about the game, up until the official announcement, were fans’ speculations and unverified rumors from “credible” sources. But the sequel was to be expected since EA has some pretty aggressive monetization stances regarding their releases.

In simpler terms, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sold better than EA originally expected it to, so it would be foolish not to develop Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. We just hope that the company delivers a game that’s at least as good as the original — the fandom’s fragile hearts couldn’t possibly stand another low-quality money grab like Battlefield 2042.