See The Hilarious Bug That Has Been Plaguing Spider-Man: Miles Morales

By Jason Collins | Published

spider-man miles morales

The latest patch for Spider-Man Miles Morales fixed the bug that was causing an air horn sound effect to play during dramatic cutscenes and in-game dialog, and the gaming community is divided on whether the bug was supposed to be addressed in the first place. For some, it was a good comedic relief that would cut into a middle of a dramatic moment, while others consider those moments ruined by the pesky sound. If nothing else, Sony could always mimic what they did with God of War Ragnarok and make Spidey’s air horn effect into a togglable option.

As reported by Kotaku, the bug affected the recently released PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, causing players to hear an air horn sound effect at the end of a dramatic dialog or during a dramatic cutscene. Sony has now issued a patch for the game that addressed numerous technical issues with the game, including the aforementioned sound effect, removing it from those moments in the game where it isn’t supposed to play. It was the players themselves who had reported the bug to Sony, stating that the sound was ruining dramatic effects.

Some players aren’t actually on-board with Sony’s decision to remove the air horn, and some are actually very disappointed that the effect has been removed. There are those living in busy areas who find those sound effects as normal as any other part of their daily routine and believe that the sound was included intentionally, though not to ruin any dramatics — for some, the air horn effect in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales was just there without any particular purpose. Of course, more proficient in the gaming community have instantly recognized the air horn as a bug.

The removal of said air horn effect from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is ultimately for the best since most Insomniac Spider-Man narratives lean towards something more serious rather than amusing. With everything said, the recently dropped patch fixed other issues as well, especially the one where audio disappears from certain cutscenes. This is somewhat worse than the air horn bug, especially since the game has audible dialog, and what made things even more confusing was the air horn sound playing instead of an actual dialog.

The update for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales also added an option that allows players to skip fast-travel animations and brought various improvements and fixes to reflections and shadow effects within the game. In other news, with The Game Awards just around the corner, fans of Insomniac Spider-Man games are impatiently waiting for any news regarding the game’s sequel. Sony and Insomniac have previously dropped a trailer in which we see both Peter Parker and Miles Morales facing Kraven the Hunter and Venom.

Unfortunately for the fans, Sony has already announced that, despite their appearance in the trailer, the sequel won’t make both Spider-Men playable characters. This is particularly disappointing to fandom, especially since data miners have uncovered that 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man was supposed to include a multiplayer component that would allow both Parker and Morales to swing and sling between buildings and skyscrapers together.