See Duke Nukem Back In Action In Long-Awaited Gameplay Trailer

See the first look at the new Duke Nukem Forever restoration gameplay.

By Jason Collins | Published

duke nukem restoration

After receiving the shocking footage of an abandoned Duke Nukem video game, the fandom finally has the chance to set their eyes upon a fan-restored version of Duke Nukem Forever. The footage below is comprised of the game’s first chapter that’s entirely free to download, giving fans something that the previous game couldn’t do—a fun Duke Nukem gaming experience that’s supposed to complement the rumored Netflix movie.

The fans of the iconic gaming hero were ecstatic to learn that the follow-up to the 1996’s Duke Nukem 3D was announced for the 1999 release date. However, the original build spent 14 years in development hell, and fans were presented with a newer version of Duke Nukem Forever in 2011. Unfortunately, that version couldn’t actually compare to the original game, so the game wasn’t a success among both the fandom and the critics—it was so bad that many cite it as the worst video game of all time.

Luckily, this early build version leaked online in May this year, along with the level editor and full source code. George Broussard, the co-founder of 3D Realms, which was supposed to develop the game, confirmed the authenticity of the build, underlying that the origins of the leak are unknown and that there’s actually no playable version of the game. Luckily, it would seem that the gaming community isn’t ready to give up on the sunglasses-wearing action hero, and this unofficial release of the game’s first build just proves their determination.

duke nukem restoration 2

As many might expect, the early build of Duke Nukem Forever is packed with high-octane action in which the protagonist deals out hot lead, complete with some new lines of dialogue. Fans can now expect a playable first portion of the game that comes with the first nine maps, one secret level, and a bonus map. The build’s description reads “first slice” and includes chapters from the original leak, possibly indicating that there are more “slices” on the way. Perhaps a whole game?

The project is under development by Mighty Foot Productions, which is undoubtedly a comedic reference to Duke’s kicking abilities. Of course, because the team is using dated assets from the original build, the entire gaming experience looks dated. To be entirely honest, it’s still better than the version we got in 2011. Duke Nukem Forever was stuck in development hell for almost 14 years; unfortunately, it underwent several iterations and studio changes and partways before it was officially released in 2011 to an abysmal reception.

Though it admittedly looked better than the original build, the game didn’t offer much in terms of recognizable Duke Nukem action and humor, becoming one of the most disappointing gaming releases of all time. So, Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t actually the first. The flopped game managed to derail an entire franchise, and there haven’t been any more official attempts to make a Duke Nukem game ever since. However, the emergence of this project and the fandom’s excitement over it prove that there might be hope for Duke Nukem as an official release in the future.