See Aang Return In Avatar Generations First Look

The new mobile game, Avatar Generations, is bringing back Aang and the rest of the favorites from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

By Jason Collins | Updated

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Avatar Generations, a recently released gacha-style role-playing game based on Nickelodeon’s legendary Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series, just dropped a new 50-second footage featuring all the familiar faces from the series, including the fan-loving Aang. The game dropped months after fans received the news that one of the most successful animated shows in history is about to receive yet another sequel, followed by surprising reports that there are actually several Avatar: The Last Airbender films in the making too.

As for Avatar Generations, the very short video highlights the game’s combat using all four individual elements, showing Katara, Zuko, Aang, and Toph at the forefront of the in-game team. The trailer also includes Korra from The Legend of Korra series, Master Pakku, Suki, and glimpses of several other supporting characters. The game allows players to create their own Team Avatar—as in the series—and embark on an adventure across the Four Nations. It’s still unknown whether the nations are oppressed by the Fire Nation as in the original series or whether the game has a separate narrative.

The game was announced earlier this year by publishing the first trailer, which featured Aang and Zuko facing a group of Fire Nation soldiers, so the narrative might reflect the one from the original series. The video also highlighted the tactical, turn-based nature of the recently released RPG game, along with character animations associated with each bending style showcased through combat sequences. Not only that, but the game also features a ton of classic locations from the original series, allowing Avatar Generations players to play through some of Aang’s original adventures.

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The good things don’t end here; Avatar Generations’ official artwork also features a medallion depicting Korra and a mysterious second person, who many believe ties into the aforementioned sequel to the series. The new Avatar series will likely follow an earth-bender Avatar, following the path established by Aang and Korra in their respective series. The fandom is currently speculating as to who the next Avatar might be; is it someone we already met in the series, or should we hope for a new character?

Whatever the case may be, the sequel to The Legend of Korra likely won’t drop before 2025. Not only that, but besides the released Avatar Generations, the franchise is undergoing an expansion into other media. We can expect at least one more animated film surrounding Avatar: The Last Airbender, followed by the first feature-length film and a live-action adaptation from Netflix. The latter will introduce plenty of new faces and associate them with different characters from the beloved series, including the fan-favorite Ba Sing Se Cabbage Merchant.

Despite dropping today, Avatar Generations will feature some content from Avatar: The Last Airbender and the development team behind the game has already outlined their plans for future updates, including the expansion of the game’s character roster. Avatar Generations is out now for both iOS and Android devices, and those who were involved with the pre-release campaign can expect rewards waiting for them once they start the game.