Resident Evil VR Being Released For Free

The new version of Resident Evil VR will be free on PlayStation VR2 for those who have purchased the game previously.

By Jason Collins | Published

resident evil vr

Capcom just revealed that the PlayStation VR2 version of their hit game Resident Evil VR would be entirely free for those already owning the original game. Furthermore, according to IGN, the new update’s release will coincide with the release of Sony’s PSVR 2 headset for the PlayStation 5 console, which should drop on February 22, 2023.

This free update would grant anyone owning a free copy of Resident Evil Village a chance to get face-to-face with the fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu — a seemingly attractive nine-foot-six vampire antagonist — whose daughters hanged the game’s protagonist onto meat hooks in the game — a pretty gruesome scene to witness with a VR headset on. The VR mode for Resident Evil Village was announced earlier this year, along with several other Capcom-related announcements — one of which regards the remake of the best game in the Resident Evil franchise.

The VR mode for Resident Evil VR will utilize the hardware’s 4K HDR display, eye tracking, and D3 audio to make the game more realistic and intense — perfect for people struggling to stay awake at night. This will allow survival horror-loving gamers to soak in the game’s richly detailed atmosphere in VR, including the ornate chambers of Castle Dimitrescu. Of course, even the tallest in the gaming community should prepare to be dwarfed by Lady Dimitrescu’s imposing presence, especially after she reveals her inner beauty towards the end of the game.

resident evil vr

To complement the visual immersion, the PlayStation VR2 sense controllers are also set to provide gamers with a sense of realism, as they represent the protagonist’s hand and thus operate independently. But that’s not even the best part about the upcoming mod — though we have to admit that its non-existent price tag is pretty awesome. The Resident Evil VR mode will enable players to use their hands independently and shield themselves with one hand while using their other hand to wield blades or firearms.

However, Capcom took things a step further and enriched the Resident Evil VR with dual-wielding weapons, just in case the gamers are surrounded by too many enemies at once — something that happens quite often in Resident Evil Village if you’re not careful. This is bound to make players happier than they already are. We’re referring to the amount of attention that Resident Evil Village is receiving from its developer and publisher, who was sued over some of the game’s monster designs.

This year alone, Resident Evil Village has received an expansion, which included several gaming components, such as Mercenaries Additional Orders, a more traditional third-person gaming mode, and Shadow of Rose DLC. The latter is the continuation of the main narrative, which now follows a grown-up Rose Winters 16 years after the events of the Resident Evil Village mainline narrative. In addition, the Resident Evil VR is scheduled to drop in late February next year, only a month before the Resident Evil 4 remake drops — we hope it receives the same treatment as Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil VR is scheduled to launch on February 22, 2023, along with a PlayStation VR2 headset.