Resident Evil 4 VR Update Adds The Best Mode For Free

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

Resident Evil 4 VR

The Meta Quest gaming showcase happened yesterday, bringing with it, a host of new updates for the VR side of gaming. Most of the announcements were stellar in nature, including a first look at the new Ghostbusters VR experience. Now, an even bigger announcement has dropped, and it comes on the heels of arguably the best Resident Evil game being adapted into VR. Resident Evil 4 VR has now added the fan-favorite “Mercenaries” mode to the game….for free! That’s right, those who love taking on the hordes of infected villagers from the original game can now do so in virtual reality. Honestly, this is a great move on the studio’s part and one that might bring even more people over to the idea of buying into Oculus. You can see the announcement trailer below:

Capcom and Oculus Studios have now added “The Mercenaries” to the VR game. This mode was started in Resident Evil 4 and carried over into future entries in the storied horror franchise. Players must fight off waves of enemies in every round, collecting gold to upgrade weapons, and even unlocking different playable characters’ outfits. The trailer shows off Ada, Wesker, Hunk, and Krauser. Additional costume sets for Leon S. Kennedy and Ashley were also shown, putting the total playable characters to six. Playing as Knight Ashely is going to be hilarious. It appears as if a host of new guns have also been added to this new version of the game. A golden rocket launcher and pistol are some of the new firearms shown in the above trailer.

On top of the new skins for the main protagonists in the story, the Resident Evil 4 VR “Mercenaries” mode promises all-new challenges that will be specific to the Oculus version of the game. This includes a terrifying night mode, a hilarious big-head mod, and a Wild West challenge. Weapons unlocked in “Mercenaries” can also be used in the story mode of the game. New challenges and an online leaderboard have also been added, which you can use to make your friends jealous. What makes this one of the best announcements is that it is a completely free update. Capcom often does what they can to have fans stick around with their games long after they have come out. That has certainly been the case for RE4. Now, if we could all just get RE4 remade in the same way RE2 was, that would be perfection. Get on it, Capcom.

Resident Evil 4 VR was released in October of 2021 and received plenty of amazing accolades, including winning VR game of the year. This new update that adds “The Mercenaries” is also free and available right now. Fans can boot up this classic tale of horror and controversial government agencies and take on the role of Leon S. Kennedy in a new way. The game’s mechanics were revolutionary when they came out in 2005. Now fans can appreciate this horror classic redesigned for the world of virtual reality, with the highly popular “Mercenaries” mode.