Quake Reboot In The Works?

By Jason Collins | 4 weeks ago

quake reboot

Video game developer id Software has some massively successful franchises under its belt, including Doom and Wolfenstein, which received remakes in recent years, leaving the developer’s other franchises, like Quake, left behind and forgotten. Well, no more. According to an Xbox insider, id Software’s Quake franchise potentially has a reboot with an all-new single-player, multiplayer, and a new lead.

The news first popped up in r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, a subreddit dedicated to gaming leaks, citing Shpeshal Nick’s The XboxEra Podcast episode, which first covered the rumor. At approximately one hour and five minutes into the episode, the conversation turns towards the supposed Quake reboot, with Shpeshal Nick disclosing the game’s developer, genre, and possible protagonist, stating that he received the disclosure details in a Discord message. According to Shpeshal Nick’s sources, the new Quake is developed by id Software, assisted by MachineGames studio, responsible for rebooting the Wolfenstein series.

Before we dive into further detail, it’s worth noting that games like critically acclaimed Doom Eternal show that id Software still has what it takes to deliver a fantastic first-person shooting experience. With that said, the supposed Quake reboot will definitely warrant the gamers’ attention. But the biggest news regarding the alleged reboot is the new female protagonist. This is not the first time one of id Software’s games has entertained the idea – it first arose during the development of Doom Eternal, which the company didn’t follow through on due to possible narrative differences.


Doom Slayer and B.J.Blazkowicz, from Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein: The New Order, respectively, are well-established characters with well-developed character lore embedded into the narrative of the said series’. The protagonist of the original Quake game, called Ranger, isn’t as well defined as the previously mentioned Doom Slayer and Blazkowicz, which might lead to id Software’s idea of a female protagonist being a fruitful idea in the upcoming reboot. 

Unlike the original Doom engine before it, the Quake engine offered full-3D rendering and acceleration. The game was critically acclaimed upon its release and highly praised for its realistic 3D physics and generally ominous sound effects. It went on the spawn several expansion packs, re-releases, and sequels. id Software chose to change the thematic direction with Quake II, shifting the focus from Lovecraftian fantasy to a more technological and futuristic design. This translated into the third installment, Quake III Arena, which is a multiplayer-focused spin-off with no actual plot.

The Quake series had its last narrative-driven game, Quake 4, released in 2005, which received favorable reviews for its single-player gameplay, but hasn’t warranted a sequel of any kind. Other Quake games have appeared on the market, mainly focusing on multiplayer gaming, leaving the narrative aspect of the franchise in the dust.

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With the recent success of Doom and Wolfenstein reboots, the fandom hopes that the fates have the same in store for the upcoming Quake video game if it truly is in development. The XboxEra’s Shpeshal Nick, though not well-known like other industry insiders, has an excellent track record for revealing correct information regarding a variety of gaming titles. We sincerely hope he doesn’t break the record.