PowerWash Simulator Just Got The Best Crossover

PowerWash Simulator will soon have a Tomb Raider expansion DLC.

By Jason Collins | Published

powerwash simulator tomb raider

PowerWash Simulator, a sleeper-hit simulation that places a power washer in gamers’ hands, took the path many modern games take—crossing over with other franchises. Fall Guys recently crossed over with a great animated series, and Fortnite needs no introduction when it comes to crossovers—but it does need a lesson in respecting other people’s privacy. But PowerWash Simulator, a game that solely focuses on cleaning, just crossed over with the best franchise possible—Tomb Raider—and players are getting an opportunity to polish up the neglected Croft Manor.

According to Destructoid, the Tomb Rader expansion for PowerWash Simulator will drop on January 31, which coincides with the game’s launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch platforms. The game that has previously allowed players to clear bungalows, cottages, and tree houses now get a new content map in the form of Croft Manor, along with additional content. This includes an all-new-mini campaign within the game, as well as a short story and five new levels.

Interestingly enough, PowerWash Simulator and Tomb Raider are both published by the same company.

Or at least they were; the PowerWash Simulator is published by Square Enix, a company that sold the majority of its rights to Tomb Raider IP, save for two hit games, and apparently the design for Croft Manor. The Manor was featured in several prominent Tomb Raider releases, including the 2006’s Legend Trilogy and the franchise’s 2013’s reboot trilogy, which had massive success among the gaming community. Now, PowerWash Simulator fans will get the chance to explore the Manor for themselves and really get into its various hidden spots.

Playstation 1 tomb raider

In fact, the Manor featured in Tomb Raider originally belonged to Lara’s father, and it contains a bevy of family secrets and hidden treasures. It was primarily used as a training level in the 2006’s trilogy, but the narrative surrounding the Manor was expanded in 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, in access to the Manor was presented through DLC. In the latter, players had the opportunity to explore the Manor as young Lara and discover all the secrets left by her father.

The upcoming PowerWash Simulator DLC will allow gamers to explore the same secret rooms and various passages as they clean the Manor. Hopefully, we could hear from Lara herself calling for a service, and we also hope to see an interesting portrait that was featured in the Legend iteration of the Manor—it was human Kain from the Legacy of Kain franchise. Regardless, the upcoming DLC seems like an interesting thing to play, and it actually leaves an open door for any future crossovers between the franchises.

For example, Lara could call in the cleaning experts when she’s in possession of a relic that needs thorough professional cleaning or a cleaning service in case the Manor gets raided again. Likewise, the PowerWash Simulator’s protagonist could learn a thing or two while at the Manor—it’s equipped with a shooting range, which could benefit the cleaner’s accuracy with the power washer. The possibilities with crossovers are truly endless.

PowerWash Simulator is available on PC and Xbox platforms, with PlayStation and Switch releases scheduled for January 31.