Pokemon Unite Has Revealed Its Disappointing Membership Benefits

Pokemon Unite has revealed its version of the battle pass, and the entirety of what is offered for the price is quite disappointing.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Pokemon Unite is arguably the least popular of the MOBAs out there. However, it is one of the few that are available on console and centered around one of the biggest companies in the world. Still, the game has been trying to keep itself relevant for quite some time in the MOBA space. How has the game tried to stay relevant? By adding its own version of a battle pass. This new club, aptly titled “Unite Club” has revealed what perks and benefits come from paying the $9.99 per month price. Honestly, it’s not all that worth it.

The new Unite Club had been previously leaked, and the actuality of what is offered in this pseudo battle pass wasn’t much different than what had been leaked. For 10 dollars a month, players can receive a flagship skin, but when it comes to skins in Pokemon Unite, they are often poorly done items just added to the characters. A case in point is the Unite Club launch skin, which is a Greedent Holowear outfit. However, it is simply a bow and bandana placed on the Pokemon. Where is the fun in that? Especially considering this pass costs 10 dollars, and most other battle passes offer some of the best skins for that price alone. Another issue is that the pass allows for three additional trial licenses every week. That is well and good, but what about those who own all the champions already? That is essentially useless. One of the best things about the pass is the 40 Aeos gems given out per day. However, that acquisition is a bit broken too. Players must log in every day to receive these gems, and if they don’t, then they become void for that day.

A one-time trainer outfit is given out for signing up for Unite Club, but there are no further details about monthly outfits given out past this initial one, which seems to be a bit lackluster. Trial holowear skins are available weekly, which would be great if those could be kept in some fashion. Special chat speech bubbles and portrait frames are the only aspects of this pass that players are allowed to keep. Also, a 10% discount will be given to style items in the store as well. For $9.99, players are really only allowed to keep the portraits, speech bubbles, and the one-time membership outfit. If Pokemon Unite wants to keep fans engaged in this pass, they will need to add more worthwhile monthly skins for Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite has steadily kept busy providing as many new Pokemon characters as possible, but this pass might not be worth it in the long run. Many of these items are throwaway items that are likely not to excite those who plan to pay $10 per month. Most other battle passes that charge that much per month are mostly full of cosmetics taht can be acquired by playing the game more, which is something that the Unite Club should aim to replicate. Right now, this is a disappointing pass, to say the least. Also, club benefits only apply to whatever platform you use to purchase it. Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch Unite Club passes much be purchased separately. You have been warned.