See The Mega Way Pokemon Go Is Changing The Game

Pokemon Go is a constantly evoling game, and now Niantic has revealed a video and trailer showcasing the big changes coming to the game.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Pokemon Go players, rejoice! Niantic has seen fit to completely overhaul the Mega Evolution system in the game. This new update will essentially make it far easier for players to Mega Evolve their favorite Pokemon using Mega Energy. Where once it took a long time to do so, this will effectively make it much easier and take less time to ensure that all your collections can be Mega Evolved. Also, there is change when it comes to the Mega Raids as well. You can see the announcement trailer below:

Where once it was only possible to Mega Energy, Niantic has changed it so that research tasks in Pokemon Go will now be providing the necessary energy needed to evolve all the available Pokemon. Also, the raid system has been changed. Based on the difficulty of the Mega Raids, Niantic is now going to lessen that difficulty. Instead of having to find four players at the same time, the Mega Raids will make it so fewer people are needed for these raids. This is a fantastic move considering it’s always difficult to find time to collect four friends to take on these raids.

The new way in which Mega Evolutions can happen in Pokemon Go has also been altered to make the process that much easier. Once a Pokemon has been Mega Evolved using Mega Energy, it will only have to rest before being able to Mega Evolve again, without using Mega Energy. While the new update is not changing the time in which Mega Evolutions last, players can now spend energy to lessen the rest time between cooldowns of Mega Evolutions. The amount of Mega Energy that is used to evolve Pokemon will also lessen with the cooldown time being lessened. This means that players can evolve their Pokemon to make sure they are able to enter the Mega Raids more easily. Another thing of note is the Mega Level system has been implemented as well. The more players Mega Evolve their Pokemon, the more Mega Level bonuses they will ultimately receive. These new levels will also stay when said Pokemon are in their Mega Evolutions. One final nifty trick is the quality-of-life improvement that allows players to Mega Evolve Pokemon from the battle prep and raid screens, instead of having to go to the Pokemon information screen. This process is more heavily explained in the developer diary. You can see the video below:

Pokemon Go is continually evolving, pun intended, and that means there will always be room for improvement. This new taking of the Mega Evolution system will allow more players to join in on the Mega Raids, even if there aren’t four players readily available. There has not been mention of how many players it will take, but we could assume that it will be shrunken down to two players. That would make a bit more sense.

Pokemon Go changing the way Mega Evolutions works can now make it easier for newer and returning fans to reap the benefits of Mega Evolution. This will allow players to seamlessly enjoy the Mega Raids and rewards that come with these more difficult challenges. We know we have said “mega” a lot, but we are mega excited to see these new changes in the game.