Play, Feed, And Raise Your New Best Friend In Pokemon Go Developers’ New Game

Pokemon Go developers, Niantic, have announced a brand-new augmented reality game. This new game will see players take care of rare animals found in the wild.

By James Brizuela | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

pokemon peridot

Pokemon Go was a smash hit from developer Niantic. The game uses smartphones and augmented reality to show Pokemon in the wild, which players can catch using traditional means of doing so like poke balls, ultra balls, and more. The game was revolutionary in the fact that it caused many people to go outside and hunt down allusive Pokemon throughout the world. Parks, monuments, and lakes were turned into grounds for catching some of the rarest Pokemon. Now Niantic is bringing a new augmented reality game that incorporates these same ideals into a full-fledged companion game. The name of the game is Peridot, and players will be able to find, raise, play with, feed, and hang out with rare animals as part of this new game’s features. You can see the gameplay trailer below:

Peridot seems to take all the best aspects of Pokemon Go, but add in a more friendly way of spending time with creatures that are caught in the wild. The trailer and accompanying tweet announcements promise that players can play with their animals, feed them, and breed them as well. The breeding aspect is interesting in that it might mean players can also trade with one another for animals they don’t quite have yet. That same aspect is a huge part of what makes trading Pokemon so fun. Peridot will allow players to take animals from their infancy all the way to adulthood. This tactic is said to tie into an overarching narrative that it’s the player’s job to keep this rare animal from falling into extinction. That sounds a bit morbid, but it could also lend its hand to teaching people more about preservation. Players need to keep their animals safe, which are known as Dots.

Niantic is steadily keeping busy with its dominance in augmented reality games. The developer also released a Pikmin Bloom, a game based on the famous franchise from Nintendo. Players walk and find planters in the world, which then help to bring even more Pikmin to your collection. Niantic surely knows how to get people outside and walking around. The same will be implemented in Peridot when it launches. Niantic has not given a release date yet, but they are planning a soft launch for the game in the coming months. This soft launch will help to determine what tweaks and features should be addressed via the feedback that Niantic gets from players. Developers listening to players’ demands is something that is now widespread in the gaming community, and that bodes well for this new pet adventure.

Pokemon Go truly brought strangers together in a way that games hadn’t done before. The gaming community is certainly massive, but Niantic found a way to usher people into talking to strangers while walking outside. Everyone was on the hunt for Pokemon they would see while on their walking adventures. Peridot might be more of the same, only without the battling and trying to take one another out. People will trade animals and likely just want to show off the rare creatures they have collected. This pet-friendly adventure soft launch should happen quite soon.