One of PlayStation’s Biggest Hits Is Coming To PC

One of the biggest PlayStation first party exclusives is coming to PC, as per a leak that has been shown on Twitter. The game is listed on the Steam database.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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If somebody had told us, let’s say, five years ago, that we’ll play God of War on PC without emulation and that Sony would abandon its exclusive releases in favor of timed exclusives, we wouldn’t have believed it. Well, the unrealized dream became a reality last year when we caught glimpses of Sony making a PlayStation publisher’s page on Steam, indicating that the company’s exclusives are finally coming to PC. We got a plethora of Sony’s first party developed releases, and now we’re about to get another one — Returnal is coming to PC.

According to IGN, a game listing for Returnal has appeared on Steam’s database, suggesting that the current PS5 exclusive could be Sony’s next game to appear on PC, following the likes of God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s important to note that this isn’t an official announcement, and there aren’t explicit references to the previously mentioned game, but there are several mentions of names and locations present in the gameplay. These include Atropos, the alien planet on which the entirety of the narrative takes place, and the Tower of Sisyphus, which was recently added through a DLC.

The game is also categorized as a single-player third-person shooter with an online co-op mode and plenty of opportunity for exploration in an open world, with a female protagonist starring in a rogue-like game — which sounds just like the fifth grader’s description of Returnal. The game was released in April 2021 from a Finnish studio, Housemarque, as one of their most ambitious projects ever, considering that they mostly focused on 2D arcade-style shooters. However, following the Returnal‘s release and its stellar performance with the audiences, Housemarque was acquired by Sony.

However, Steam listings aren’t the only thing pointing towards Returnal appearing on PC, but it does legitimize the previous source — a leak of unannounced games on Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service that happened last year. In fact, many other games on the leaked list have been confirmed, including the highly-anticipated but botched release of Grand Theft Auto — The Trilogy and the PC version of God of War. Hopefully, the upcoming sequel to the latter will also make it to PC, and we wouldn’t mind waiting either. We waited for nearly 20 years for Sony to drop its exclusives, so what’re another 12 months or so.

PlayStation head Jim Ryan has previously stated that Sony expects at least half of its annual releases to be on PC in the following years, aiming for 2025. The company also acquired Nixxes Software, which is best known for working on PC versions of Square Enix titles, including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Hitman, and Thief series, to help bring the studio’s titles to the PC. So, it’s now a good time to discuss the highly sought-after remaster of Legacy of Kain, or should we wait another year? Returnal is a good start.

Returnal arriving on PC isn’t officially announced, so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. Sony’s ports to PC are currently trending, and the company is expanding its market, but there are too many variables involved to be able to say that the game is really coming to PC with absolute certainty. It’s best to wait for the official announcement.