Pikmin Bloom Players Achieved An Unbelievable Record In 2021

You won't believe what Pikmin Bloom players have achieved this year!

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Pikmin Bloom

A Pokemon Go video game developer, Niantic, just released surprising stats for 2021’s Pikmin Bloomand 2016’s Pokemon Go, stating that Pikmin Bloom players just achieved an unbelievable record in 2021 — they’ve taken enough steps to walk around the Earth nearly 17,000 times.

According to Games Radar, Niantic just released a number of impressive stats regarding both mobile games on their blog, including the number of hatched eggs, what country made the most steps, and the exact distance the players have traveled to catch Pokemon. As per Niantic’s post, Pikmin Bloom players have taken a combined 338 billion steps and planted over 63 million flowers. That’s enough steps to walk around the Earth 16,950 times, which is shocking, considering that the game was released in October 2021. Considering that nearly 114 million Pikmin were grown during that period, it’s quite evident that the game will stick around for the foreseeable future.

But when it comes to the ever-popular Pokemon Go from 2016, the stats are equally staggering. Gamers hatched over 3.909 billion eggs, and more than 10.2 billion Pokemon were caught during 2021 Community days, and 12 billion in-game gifts were exchanged by the players. The numbers are so impressive and borderline unbelievable that we had to double-check them. Billions? Those are some big numbers. Additionally, more than two million users have walked over 5km a day on average while playing Pokemon Go.

However, that’s not all. As their blog post reveals, South Korea was the country that gained the most distance while playing the game — an impressive 9.44km per player this year alone. Taiwan ranked close second with 8.87km per person, followed by Brazil with 5.53 km per person. The US and UK both made it into the top 10 countries with 3.52km and 4km per person, respectively. Not bad, considering that Niantic’s original mission was to make gamers more active.

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Some of Niantic’s other annual highlights include an inaugural hybrid Pokemon Go Fest, which hosted 47 meetups in over 30 cities and 20 states. The company also made further investments into AR mapping, advertisement, platform tools, and community through five different acquisitions. Of course, launching Pikmin Bloom and TRANSFORMERS: Heavy Metal was also a part of the said annual highlights event.

And the Pikmin Bloom creator is loved once again. Some might remember that Niantic came under fire over removing the COVID-19-inspired settings which were implemented into the game. At the beginning of the pandemic, Niantic made several alterations to the game’s settings, like reduced PokeStop and Gym distances, which allowed players to practice social distancing while still being able to train their Pokemon. However, said reductions also made the game more accessible to certain demographics, including people with disabilities who couldn’t otherwise enjoy the game to its full extent.

Later, when the pandemic first waned in the summer of 2021 and right before the next outbreak, Niantic rolled back the changes, reverting the game’s setting to its default values. This sparked massive controversy, public safety concerns, and acts of activism in the names of those who couldn’t enjoy the game in its default state. Luckily, the public outcry didn’t fall on deaf ears, and Niantic took an active approach towards resolving said issues by meeting up with community leaders and working out the problem to everyone’s mutual benefit. That’s how it’s supposed to be done — we’re looking at you, ABK, Rockstar Games, and the rest of the gaming industry.