Overwatch 2 Adds Character From Massively Popular Anime

Overwatch 2 will feature a One Punch Man Legendary skin.

By Jason Collins | Updated

 overwatch 2 one punch man
One Punch Man

Ever since Team Fortress 2 became a game as a service platform, gaming companies have done everything in their power to offer players a wide scope of enhancements in their game for a small fee. Epic Games’ Fortnite was the first to introduce crossover collaboration between titles, allowing gamers to unlock or purchase various cosmetics within the game, and many other gaming titles followed—Dead by Daylight is a good example of this. And now, Overwatch 2 has done the same by crossing over with a massively popular anime, One Punch Man.

According to an official Overwatch Twitter page, the game’s Season 3 features more than the Asian Mythology theme alone; it will also introduce the franchise’s first collaboration with another IP by introducing Doomfist’s One Punch Man skin. Doomfist is the franchise’s villain, which is apparently turning a new leaf—at least in the aesthetical sense—as he’s getting One Punch Man’s protagonist Saitama’s skin. The game previously featured internal crossovers by crossing over with other Blizzard IPs.

The Overwatch One Punch Man skin is a Legendary skin, and it can be obtained through themed challenges. This addition makes a lot of sense, considering the number of anime references already present within Overwatch 2. There’s Moira’s Neon Genesis Evangelion spray, Sombra’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ultimate move, and Baptiste’s Dragon Ball Z spray—which is something Fortnite also featured in two crossovers already. Doomfist, which now received full-fledged skin, previously had One Punch Man spray as well.

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As for the other additions to Overwatch 2 Season 3, there’s a new Antarctica map, which was previously seen in cinematics alone. Now it’s a playable map, and Blizzard has promised a lore-rich tundra with its own explorable narrative. As previously mentioned, the entire season will feature an Asian Mythology theme, and next to amazing skins such as a One Punch Man skin, there’s a whole plethora of other skins as well. This includes the Amaterasu Kiriko Mythic skin, which is inspired by numerous Japanese deities, with several customizations for players to mix and match.

Overwatch 2 players will be happy to know that Blizzard doubled login rewards and still intends to make good on its promise to punish not only cheaters and hackers but their accomplices as well. The game has been plagued by numerous hacking attacks since its launch, and Blizzard continues to fight dishonest players looking to gain an unfair advantage. The same applies to Activision’s side of gaming, as Call of Duty continues to do the same, though much more creatively, employing various hilarious methods to actually troll the cheaters for a few rounds before issuing a full-on account ban.

For those that aren’t familiar with One Punch Man, we’re discussing an animated series based on the same-name Japanese manga that follows the story of an ordinary man who trained so hard he can now defeat any opponent with just one punch. The series is filled with super monsters and villains, but its protagonist is so powerful that the apparent lack of challenge leaves him feeling bored and unfulfilled. Overwatch 2 Season 3 began on February 7 and concludes on March 7.