Norman Reedus Just Let Slip That He’s Working On A Long-Awaited Sequel

We would probably stay in the dark about it, too, if Norman Reedus hadn't spilled the beans.

By Jason Collins | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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2019’s Death Stranding’s sequel may already be in the works, at least according to actor Norman Reedus who recently revealed in an interview that the second game has already begun development. This is fantastic news for the fans of the original Death Stranding, an action game developed by the legendary Hideo Kojima’s game developing studio, Kojima Productions — his first game after he split from Konami in 2015.

According to The Verge, Norman Reedus revealed that the team started working on the sequel to the original Death Stranding before explaining just how much work went into the game’s motion-capture performance. The motion capturing for the original game took nearly three years to complete before the game came out and won all the awards. This prompted the development team to start working on the game’s highly anticipated sequel. While this isn’t an official confirmation or announcement, it hardly comes as a surprise, given the massive success of the original game. Why break a good run?

Admittedly, everyone knew that Hideo Kojima was working on a new project, but there hasn’t been much indication as to what that project might be. We would probably stay in the dark about it, too, for quite some time probably, if Norman Reedus hadn’t “spilled the beans.” However, apart from stating that the sequel is in the works, the Walking Dead star hasn’t revealed any further details about the purported game. It’s also not the first time he mentioned the sequel either.

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In 2020 Norman Reedus claimed that he’s in talks with Kojima regarding other projects, and those who follow Kojima’s work closely know that Reedus was originally cast to star in Silent Hill — the same horror franchise that Konami owns. Kojima originally wanted to give his own twist on the franchise; however, the developers had to cancel the game after his departure from Konami. At that time, neither Konami nor Kojima gave any credibility to Norman’s claims, and the specific details pertaining to respective projects at the time were so vague that everyone regarded it as a mere rumor.

However, in 2021, Norman Reedus revealed that the sequel is being negotiated, expressing a firm belief that the team is doing a second Death Stranding video game. For the time being, however, the alleged Death Stranding sequel is best treated as mere speculation rather than the official confirmation since plenty of things may still go sideways. The original game was Kojima’s first release following his departure from Konami, where he directed the Metal Gear Solid gaming series — which is getting a movie.

The original game, which, next to Norman Reedus, also starred Hollywood talent like Mids Mikkelsen and Lea Seydoux, released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, went on to become an absolute hit before it was eventually expanded through a director’s cut and a PC port of the game. Unfortunately, the details are scarce, but if the game is truly in development, it’s safe to assume that we’ll hear more about it in the coming months. Perhaps at the upcoming Summer Game Fest happening next month.