See The First Look At The New NieR Crossover

NieR is crossing over with Rainbow Six Siege.

By Jason Collins | Published

The NieR gaming series has made several crossovers so far and made it into the world of PUBG, Soulcalibur, and even Final Fantasy XIV. The newest crossover, however, sees the NieR replicants join Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. This news comes after the franchise received its cinematic adaptation starring Michael B. Jordan and its own mobile game.

According to Destructoid, Ubisoft just announced that the NieR cosmetics bundle is making its way into the company’s famous shooter game, Rainbow Six Siege, and it’s scheduled to arrive on November 21. The cosmetics bundle isn’t the only thing arriving at Rainbow Six; a YoRHa soldier is also scheduled to appear in the game. Additionally, Ubisoft has also announced more NieR-inspired goodies that are to appear in Siege’s next season, titled Operation Solar Raid, that’s scheduled to go live alongside the announced DLC.

The full extent of Rainbow Six Siege’s tie-in with the NieR gaming franchise is currently unknown. However, we know that NieR replicant ver.1.22 is also set to appear, and thanks to previous data mines — which also disclosed the nature of Nintendo’s recent update — there are several ornate skins for various in-game weapons. The well-known Grimoire Weiss will appear as a universal weapon charm.

As for the aforementioned YoRHa soldier, the announcement trailer teases the appearance of such a figure by giving us a glimpse of iconic footwear worn by YoRHa No.2 Type B, also known as 2B — the main protagonist from the NieR Automata game. 2B has previously made various appearances across numerous gaming franchises, including Soulcalibur, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, Gravity Rush 2, and Babylon’s Fall.

This is hardly the first time Ubisoft has collaborated with other developers and publishers to bring forge crossovers with other franchises. We witnessed another surprise crossover earlier this year when the company brought Kiryu Kazuma and Kaoru Sayama from the Yakuza series to the tactical shooter in this year’s second season. That particular bundle also teased Goro Majima and a treasure trove of different gaming changes, which is something we can expect in the upcoming season as well.

Rainbow Six Siege was originally released in 2015 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and the now-discontinued Xbox One, to generally favorable reviews and four different Game Critics Awards, which warranted a next-gen update that launched last year. It was mostly praised for its destructive environment, tactical nature, map design, and focus on teamwork but received heavy criticism for its general lack of content and a heavy focus on microtransactions. The multiplayer’s open-ended nature made the entire gaming experience feel quite fresh, even after extended periods of play.

On the other hand, the fans of the NieR series have complained that all these crossovers conflict with their favorite gaming series’ characters and themes. While that may be true, the various collaborations have raised the profile of the series and contributed to its wider recognition within the gaming community. This is now bound to happen again, especially if we take into account the high number of gamers playing Rainbow Six Siege.