Nicolas Cage Will Be A Playable Character In A Blockbuster Multiplayer Game

Nicolas Cage is being added to the multiplayer survival game Dead by Daylight.

By Jason Collins | Updated

nicolas cage
Nicolas Cage in the Dead by Daylight teaser

Following its crossover with the best horror franchise and the addition of the best Resident Evil villain, Dead by Daylight—a multiplayer horror survival game—will also include actor Nicolas Cage in its character roster. The actor who drank human blood during Renfield will play himself in the role of a Survivor and not a villainous figure.

According to Engadget, Nicolas Cage’s addition to the game is followed by an in-narrative story. He portrays himself filming a role of a lifetime, after which his in-narrative performance summons The Entity, a malevolent being of immense power. Cage soon finds himself cast in the otherworldly Fog and forced to survive a whole slew of terrifying and deadly Killers.

It’s actually pretty refreshing to see an actor playing himself in Dead by Daylight instead of portraying another character.

Behavior Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, says that Nicolas Cage’s official debut in the game is scheduled for July 5, but there is a slight chance that the gamers might see him on the game’s 7th Anniversary Stream scheduled for May 23. Some even expressed their desire to add Nic Cage to the extremely odd simulation tied to the Dead by Daylight universe. Of course, we’re talking about Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim, which seems like an odd mixture of obscurity and humor worth seeing Cage in.

dead by daylight

The whole premise of Dead by Daylight is so broad that the game is basically Fortnite but with horror franchise collaborations only. It’s an interesting concept, especially if you’re a classic horror fan, considering the game’s character roster, which includes the Cenobite, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, a bunch of Resident Evil and Silent Hill characters, and a line-up of its own original creations. However, this is the first time the developers have actually added a celebrity portraying themselves into the game, and Nicolas Cage is a perfect choice.

The game takes place in a nightmarish realm between realities, ruled by an arachnid-like deity known as the Entity who lures new victims, like Nicolas Cage, to the nightmarish hellscape. The victims then serve the Entity as either a terrified Survivor or brutal Killer, forcing four players to escape the clutches of one evil killer and survive the encounter. Unfortunately, at least from the narrative standpoint, it doesn’t actually matter whether they survive or not—they’re doomed to repeat the cycle over and over again.

Admittedly, Nicolas Cage doesn’t really have many video games under his belt; some unverified sources stated that he was issued special thanks for Swords & Soldiers II: Shawarmageddon, but for the sake of this discussion, and due to a lack of official confirmation, we’ll assume that his appearance in Dead by Daylight is his first appearance in a video game. We’d say it suits him. The look he sports in the announcement video, with the Billy Mays-style beard, would actually fit him nicely if he was ever to portray a Far Cry villain. He might even outdo Vaas.