Resident Evil Fans Have Created A Massively Difficult Game Based On Wordle

By James Brizuela | 5 days ago

resident evil

Move over, Wordle. A new game has been concocted by fans of one of the biggest game franchises in the world. Do you consider yourself an expert on Resident Evil? Well, in order to be competitive in this new game, you will certainly have to be. A new game has been devised that is based on the music from the game’s history. It is called, Resident Evil Heardle. In this game, fans will have to identify songs through RE’s storied history. The game consists of a quick second-long clip of a song from the game’s history. Players will then have to identify that song and guess within six tries.

Resident Evil Heardle sounds impossible, as guessing a song within one second is difficult enough, but to remember the titles of songs from a game’s history is even more insane. We love the RE franchise, but there is no way that identifying a song will be that easy. However, the game will allow for some help in the form of skipping through more seconds of the song clip. Each song clip is 16 seconds, and players can skip all the way up to those 16 seconds, but each skip takes away a guess. A total of six guesses is permitted, but skipping seconds causes those guesses to be used up. Should players skip to the 16-second mark, they will be left with one guess for the song that is being played. Good luck. Should you be unsuccessful, a “YOU ARE DEAD” screen pops up, but the song in question will be displayed on top and a link for fans to go listen to the said song is also provided.

Quite honestly, this is a unique way of taking the Wordle format and expanding upon it. Some of the best aspects of the Resident Evil franchise are the songs that are embedded in the action and fear of the games. Bravo to the developers that took the time to make this. There is also a plan to implement over 1000 songs in this guessing game’s library. The developers claimed some of the added songs will be “deep cuts.” This could mean that fans will have to rack their brains for songs that came out in 1996 when the first Resident Evil game was released. There are now a total of 29 RE games that have been released over the course of nearly 40 years. That is an expansive amount of music to remember. Only the biggest fans of the franchise might stand a chance to guess a song right.

Resident Evil Heardle is available for free on any web browser. The game acts much like Wordle, in that there is one time a day that fans can play within a 24-hour period. If you happen to lose like we certainly would, you can go brush up on the franchise’s massive catalog of soundtracks within that next 24-hour period. The game resets at midnight pacific standard time, every day. Honestly, just skip to those 16 seconds, because it seems impossible to guess these songs otherwise.