New Pokemon Game Is Played In The Strangest Way

The new Pokemon Sleep game allows players to attract various kinds of Pokemon via different tracked sleep patterns.

By Jason Collins | Published

pokemon sleep

Enjoying the massive success of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which brought back its most popular character, the Pokemon Company announced one of its most anticipated products—Pokemon Sleep. For those who aren’t acquainted with Pokemon Sleep, the game is probably the strangest one you’ve “played.”According to IGN, the upcoming Pokemon Sleep allows gamers to go to bed and wake up with their favorite Pokemon.

The game, which is essentially a sleep tracker that uses your sleep patterns as input controls, will be released on both Android and iOS platforms, and depending on how you sleep, you’ll attract different kinds of creatures. Well, we’d say, “now we’ve seen it all,” but an interactive sleep tracker is probably what the modern human needs, as more than 62% of adults worldwide don’t actually get enough sleep.

As stated at the beginning, this new game is played in the strangest of ways. The game, installed on your smartphone, will track your sleeping patterns and show you different sleep styles of different Pokemon you can encounter in the game and attract with your own sleeping pattern. Its primary aim is to turn sleeping into entertainment by using the player’s sleep patterns as input, directly affecting the gameplay. How exactly this affects the gameplay in terms of technical applications remains to be seen, but it does sound just a tad bit invasive.

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The smartphone with Pokemon Sleep is placed next to the player’s pillow for data analysis, which will record, quantify, and classify sleep patterns. Of course, longer slumber will increase the number of Pokemon arriving near Snorlax, thus increasing the number of points gained within the game. Believe it or not, the game actually has a narrative; the game takes place on a small island where players collaborate with Professor Neroli and Snorlax—of course! —to note the sleep patterns of other Pokemon creatures spread throughout the island

The game uses satellite locations and visual and camera technologies to superimpose Pokemon of real-world environments, making them visible next to Snorlax when you wake up. In addition to the game, the Pokemon Company also announced a new Pokemon Go companion device, which can be used with Pokemon Sleep. Pokemon Go Plus Plus, as the device is called, will work with both games, and it’s scheduled to release in July this year. It can be used instead of the smartphone next to the player sleeping.

Besides its functionalities with Pokemon Go, when used with Pokemon Sleep, the special Pikachu inside the device will sing lullabies to players and become friendlier towards the trainer the more quality sleep trainer gets. Despite us calling it a tad bit invasive, this is exactly what the doctors should prescribe to the sleep deprived. Once it collects the necessary data, the Pokemon Go Plus Plus will send it to the Pokemon Sleep app, which will process it and act accordingly, bringing the number and rarity of Pokemon that correspond to the quality of your sleep.

Pokemon Sleep is scheduled to launch on both Android and iOS devices on July 14, while the Pokemon Go Plus Plus device is scheduled to launch on July 21, 2023.