Netflix Remaking A Classic Game Based On Their Best Original Series?

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

Netflix Games

Netflix has steadily been involved in expanding the mediums in which the company is participating. They are one of the leading streaming platforms, but now the Netflix Games studio has been acquiring more titles. The game studio recently released a popular PlayStation game known as Shatter. The new Shatter: Remastered game is available on mobile devices under the Netflix Games moniker. However, now it seems as if the studio is set to take on one of the more daunting tasks of creating a game based on their best original series. It has been reported that a game based on The Queen’s Gambit is set to be made by the game studio.

The Anya-Taylor Joy-led limited series broke all kinds of records and saw the limited series is the most successful for Netflix. Now it seems as if a trademark for The Queen’s Gambit has been registered. That wouldn’t seem out of the norm for the studio that premiered the series, but this new trademark has also been listed as “downloadable game software.” The description of the services for this new Netflix Games venture also states that the trademark refers to “Entertainment services, namely, providing online computer, electronic and video games; providing temporary use of non-downloadable interactive games.” Seems as if this limited series might be getting some sort of chess-based game.

netflix queen's gambit anya taylor-joy

During the time in which the series took off on the streaming platform, the resurgence of people playing chess became evident. saw a massive number of sales in form of chess boards. They even added the character of Beth Harmon to their chess game via the website. Fans could play against Harmon at different ages and times of her pro-chess-playing career. However, that service was taken away in January of 2021. While there could be several ways in which Netflix Games can take a Queen’s Gambit video game, the obvious choice would be a chess game. Fans might be able to take on the role of Harmon and play through her opponents and added voicing from the actors would go over well. However, the series has not been around for two years, so it might not matter to many people anymore. It is certainly a gamble to take, but it sounds as if Netflix is going all-in for their gaming division.

The Queen’s Gambit was only a seven-episode miniseries, and there are no plans to take the story further. This could be a continuation of sorts for Beth Harmon and Netflix Games. Suppose the studio creates a narrative that follows her life further in the video game. That wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, though fans might be upset the gaming division took the story further and not the streaming platform. However, seeing the story of Beth Harmon go further might also be a welcome sight. Whatever the case may be, Netflix Games seems to be taking the smart road when it comes to developing new games. Targeting some of their most popular series and turning them into some sort of game is a great way to go about bringing people over to the game studio. Look out for The Queen’s Gambit announcements in the coming months.