MultiVersus Season 2 Brings In The Best Batman

MultiVersus is bringing in Samurai Batman as a new alternate skin.

By Jason Collins | Published

MultiVersus’ second season drops today, following a very successful release and Season 1, which placed the Player First Games’ title among the top contenders for the Game of the Year award — giving Elden Ring a run for its money. And while the game remains in open beta, Season 2 will bring in more new gaming modes, stages, and of course, characters. In fact, MultiVersus Season 2 is bringing in the best version of Batman — the Samurai Batman — from 2018’s Batman Ninja animated film.

According to Destructoid, MultiVersus Season 2 is off to somewhat of a quiet start; there weren’t any loading screen leaks revealing the upcoming characters. However, the patch notes are currently live, and they have revealed some pretty interesting additions to the game. For example, MultiVersus is getting a whole new Battle Pass and tons of new skins, including the aforementioned Batman Samurai skins, but also Baker Tom & Jerry skins, and Meastro Bugs Bunny, among many others. Of course, the list doesn’t end there, and Season 2 actually has plenty of new stuff to offer.

multiversus samurai batman

The entire Battle Pass received an overhaul, and the developer of MultiVersus tuned the number of points required to complete each tier, making the Battle Pass more engaging and fun. There’s also the arrival of an in-game store that features various goodies, like the aforementioned characters’ skins that now include the Samurai Batman, Evil Morty, various Bugs Bunny skins, and many others. The Samurai Batman skin is the most notable of the bunch, and this isn’t the first time MultiVersus players have seen it.

Batman Samurai skin was present in the game during the alpha before its removal in the beta version. Given its popularity, its reappearance was only a matter of time, and players can now obtain it for 2,000 Gleamium points. There are other novelties as well, including the new Silly Queue mode called Big Head — which admittedly isn’t a novelty in the world of gaming but a fun alternative to many gaming modes.

The character models in MultiVersus’ Big Head mode will feature more than just big heads. They’ll also have shorter cooldowns, which will make the gameplay faster, and more chaotic. This implementation is specifically designed for people who want to take a break from the regular, more competitive gaming modes. MultiVersus also suffered additional changes under the hood, with the new update improving the game’s online stability and introducing a whole new batch of balance tweaks for several fighters.

There wasn’t any news regarding new MultiVersus characters but rest assured that data miners are currently combing through the new data files looking for clues as to what new characters might make an appearance. In fact, most of the characters whose presence in the game was data mined eventually made an appearance in the game, so we can expect news regarding additional fighters soon. The game has previously added Black Adam, whose arrival coincided with the cinematic release, which, according to some, could’ve fared better in cinemas.

MultiVersus Season 2 and its Batman Samurai skin are now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.