See The New Fan-Favorite Hero Teased For Multiversus

Leaks have suggested a whole bunch of awesome characters are coming to Multiversus, but we're looking forward to this one the most.

By Jason Collins | Published

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Warner Bros. and Player First Games recently dropped a new Multiversus teaser trailer which reveals that a furry bundle from Joe Dante’s 1984 classic film is headed to WB’s crossover fighter game in a few days. Of course, we’re talking about the Gremlins‘ Gizmo — the main protagonist of the movie franchise and a lovable character without a single mean bone in his body. You can see the trailer announcing the little fluffy surprise below:

Admittedly, the trailer above doesn’t show much except an ancient, ornate chest that’s Gizmo’s home opening up to the sound of mayhem, suggesting that the lovable furball is coming to Multiversus. This teaser isn’t that surprising, however, considering that Stripe — Gizmo’s offspring and arch-nemesis — has been previously announced as a fighter in the game. And while the details about Gizmo’s appearance are still scarce, according to Destructoid, it’s believed that he and Stripe will be separate characters with individual movesets and abilities.  

There’s also a matter of a data-mining leak from some six months ago that suggested that Gizmo, Fred Flintstone, and Harry Potter would eventually join the game at some point. This added a confusing element to the announcement since nobody actually knows whether Stripe and Gizmo are coming as part of the same content drop or will they be introduced separately through various updates and DLCs. Another possibility states that the two would be combined into a single character, like Ren and Stimpy, but that’s just speculation at this point.

For those unfamiliar with who Gizmo is, the creature is one of the last Mogwai from the Gremlins franchise, a creature of an unknown origin whose “owners” adhere to two rules: don’t put them in direct sunlight, don’t get the Mogwai wet, and don’t feed them after midnight. However, the secondary protagonist of the film got his Mogwai wet, which caused Gizmo to multiply, spawning off a whole batch of less-than-friendly Mogwai, one of whom is the aforementioned Stripe who is also coming to Multiversus.

However, the new Mogwai tricked their owner into feeding them after midnight, and all except Gizmo entered a cocoon stage and emerged as scaly gremlins who went on a chaotic rampage throughout the city, seeding death and destruction upon its residents. Ultimately, Gizmo and his human companions have put a stop to the gremlin’s carnage and brought down Stripe. Interestingly enough, the movie warranted a sequel in which Gizmo impersonates Rambo while taking down his evil offspring.

Gizmo was originally scheduled to appear in Multiversus, with the upcoming major update set to launch on September 6. His arch-nemesis Stripe is expected to follow in the coming days, alongside Black Adam and Rick from Rick & Morty animated series — whose Season 6 is expected to premiere today. Dataminers also uncovered several audio files pertaining to yet-unannounced characters, but the news was deemed unimportant and swept under the proverbial rug, as Player First Games had announced the Gizmo would be a few days late.

According to the developer, Multiversus gamers can expect Gizmo to debut on September 8.