Multiversus Bringing In Scooby-Doo?

Multiversus is teasing a potential Scooby-Doo character addition to its roster.

By Jason Collins | Published

Less than a week after we received a report suggesting Mark Hamill’s possible voicing of Joker in the Multiversus video game, the Player First Games is teasing a dog-themed event of some kind. The reveal trailer for the upcoming character was a mere tease with the word “Dog” and a heart in the middle of the letter “o,” leading many to believe that one of the more prominent canine characters might appear in the upcoming game. In fact, most fans believe that Scooby-Doo, the legendary, albeit cowardly and perpetually hungry Great Dane, is the one making an entrance.


Fans are thrilled to have the iconic character join the Multiversus roster since two of the Scooby-Do franchise characters, Velma and Shaggy, are already in the game. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see the entire Mystery, Inc. gang as the playable characters, but it’s hard to imagine a game that features franchise characters without including the eponymous hero. According to Comicbook, the addition of Scooby isn’t all that surprising since he’s one of the most iconic Warner Bros.-owned characters.

However, there’s also speculation that the event might relate to Courage the Cowardly Dog since the character is also one of the more prominent canines in the Warner Bros. broader universe. It also might have something to do with Reindog, the game’s mascot, and a weird hybrid between dogs and reindeer. Reindog is a lone original WB character designed specifically for Multiversus, who has a floating heart above his head, and many believe that the heart within the letter “o” is an obvious hit towards the newly created character.

But things aren’t as clear-cut as they appear. If Player First Games is teasing an event regarding Reindog, are we expecting his addition to the roster, or is this an announcement of Reindog merchandise, which was warranted by the game’s prominence on the current market. For those who aren’t familiar with the statistics, Multiversus is one of 2022’s top-trending games, which even occasionally gave Elden Ring a run for its money. Since Player Frist Game hasn’t offered any details regarding the tease, we’re left to speculate.

It’s important to note that previous Multiversus teases have been almost exclusive to roster additions, so it’s entirely possible that the game is finally including its mascot as a fighter figure. On the other hand, Player First Games also tweeted an emoji showing a dog with a bone, which instantly reminded and pointed toward Scooby-Doo instead of Reindog — which probably caused fans to think about the iconic doggo in the first place.

This might sound disappointing to Scooby-Doo fans but considering that the Great Dane is one of the best-known WB characters, it’s safe to assume that he would appear in Multiversus at some point in the future. Multiversus was first revealed approx. one year ago as a challenger to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Since then, the game has continued to increase its fighter roster with numerous Warner Bros.-owned characters, like Superman, Harley Quinn, Tom & Jerry, etc. Multiversus is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.