Minecraft Receives the Best DLC In the Game’s History

Minecraft's latest cross-over DLC is with Mega Man X, bringing Capcom's classic to life with new character skins.

By Jason Collins | Updated

We’ve already become accustomed to monthly crossover news from Fortnite, but we rarely come across any notable Minecraft crossovers with other franchises. We’re not saying that there aren’t any, but compared to the King of Crossovers, Minecraft’s collaborations are spaced further apart. With the recently released DLC pack, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, players can take on the role of Mega Man from Capcom’s Mega Man X (MMX).

According to Event Hubs, the Minecraft × Mega Man X collaboration adds more than just a bunch of new skins for the game; it also introduces a Story Mode which attempts to recreate some of Mega Man X’s iconic levels and boss fights. The DLC includes 14 skins in total, including X, Zero, and several bosses, such as Sigma, Vile, Storm Eagle, Chill Penguin, Sting Chameleon, and many others. On top of what we just mentioned, the pack also includes the MMX soundtrack, several missions inspired by the game’s levels with a stage-select room, and plenty of other goodies.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Mega Man X DLC is available immediately for purchase across all systems the original game has released on. This means that the fans can continue to look to the franchise’s future, which is currently in the right spot. There aren’t any major drawbacks or flopped DLC releases within the franchise, and other spin-off releases, such as Minecraft Legends, are scheduled to release later this year. To be honest, Majong, the game’s developer, has worked hard to get the game where it’s currently, so kudos where kudos are due.

Mega Man X in Minecraft

Minecraft launched in 2011 and has been kept alive by the fandom’s passion for the game, resulting in amazing builds like the recent Bloodborne creation and the modding community’s dedication to adding new content—modding communities usually succeed where developers fail. While that isn’t the case with Minecraft or Elden Ring, whose latest mod introduces an Elden Ring and Hogwarts Legacy crossover, the modding communities maintain many games previously abandoned by the developers. But, as we previously stated, special credits to Minecraft’s manufacturer for supporting the game.

The company continuously releases new, official content for the game, keeping the gaming community interested and engaged. Mojang does so through both free updates and paid DLCs that add new things for Minecraft players to see and do. They’ve done so ever since the game launched, and the IP is known for its creative crossovers with other franchises, perhaps not to Fortnite’s degree, which has gone so far as to include a classic Destiny map, but just enough to add entirely new fays to play the game and entertain the fandom.

It’s important to note that Minecraft is now 12 years old, and including DLCs such as Mega Man X has proven successful at keeping the title relevant, removing any pressure from Majong regarding the game’s sequel. Why fix something that isn’t broken? As long as fans are happy with how Minecraft operates and adds new content, shifting the focus to the sequel’s development may diminish the quality of the current content. Minecraft is available on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, PC, and legacy devices.