New Star Trek Game Teaser Reveals Michael Dorn Back As Worf

By Jason Collins | 2 weeks ago

Worf Michael Dorn Star Trek

After teasing the fandom about being summoned back into action by Starfleet, many speculated that the actor Michael Dorn might appear in some of the upcoming Star Trek cinematic or television releases. However, after several inquiries with various studios in charge of the franchise, all negated Dorn’s appearance in any of the upcoming releases. The newest Star Trek game teaser, on the other hand, reveals Michael Dorn as Worf in Star Trek: Legends. See the six second clip the actor shared on Twitter below.

In a story brought by, the new teaser video for Star Trek: Legends reveals Michael Dorn’s return as the Starfleet Klingon officer Worf. This news is revealed after a series of mysterious tweets posted by Dorn in which he insinuated his return to the franchise without disclosing any further detail. However, his latest tweet features an animated teaser video of him as Worf, sending a choppy distress call, referencing USS Artemis. Based on animation and the “USS Artemis” reference, this mysterious and static-filled teaser appears to be a promotion video for the recently released Star Trek: Legends game, which launched on Apple Arcade earlier this month. 

Star Trek: Legends is an RPG Apple-exclusive gaming title released on their Apple Arcade platform, making the game available on iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, and Mac devices. The Michael Dorn game is set inside the temporal anomaly known as Nexus from the Star Trek: Generations feature film, spotlighting the game’s main ship, USS Artemis, which was explicitly designed to transverse the Nexus. The game also features several characters from different Star Trek eras, tying them all into one storyline, including the characters from the Original Series, Next Generation, Enterprise, Voyager, Discovery, Generation, and Deep Space Nine.

michael dorn worf

Apart from Worf, other characters you might expect to see on USS Artemis include James T. Kirk, Michael Burnham, Odo, Christopher Pike, Nyota Uhura, Jean-Luc Picard, and over 30 other characters as well. As for Michael Dorn, his contribution to the franchise is far from insignificant. On the contrary, Worf was the most prominent part of Michael Dorn’s career, from his first appearing in 1987’s premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, to his last performance of the Klingon officer in Star Trek: Nemesis, in 2002.

He appeared more times as a regular cast member of the franchise than any other Star Trek actor in the franchise’s history. This 68-year-old actor appeared in 175 episodes of The Next Generation and 102 episodes of fan-beloved Deep Space Nine, totaling at 277 episodes in the Star Trek television series. Adding that to five Star Trek movies actor featured in brings his total to 282 appearances as Worf. Interestingly enough, Michael Dorn is credited in over 30 films, dozens of TV shows, and over 25 video game titles, but Worf remains the actor’s most iconic appearance.

If you’re a fan of the Star Trek franchise’s gaming division, make sure to check out Star Trek: Legends on any compatible Apple device. The game features all the legendary characters of the franchise, including the recently teased Michael Dorn’s Worf character.