Marvel Snap To Bring In Single-Player Mode?

Marvel Snap might be bringing in single-player mode.

By Jason Collins | Published

The creator of Marvel Snap, a new card battler that has been climbing up the charts for both Steam and app stores, has discussed the possibility of a single-player mode. The game’s creator and co-founder of Second Dinner development studio, Ben Brode, recently spoke to IGN on the matter, discussing the developer’s plan for the multiplayer game going forward.

According to IGN’s report, Brode spoke on the possibilities of PvE (Player vs. environment) or similar gaming modes within Marvel Snap. He stated that much of the game’s charm comes from the mind games players play against each other, which wouldn’t be possible in a PVE or single-player environment. However, Brode also said that not all possibilities have been explored and that there is enough room for more new game modes, which would be mostly focused on multiplayer. Single-player modes, well, apparently, he’s not certain they would fit into the game.

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It appears that Brode and Second Dinner are focused on making the best possible card battler multiplayer experience, and for the time being, they’re doing a great job. The card-game features fast-paced mechanics and plenty of novelty introduced to the genre, which wouldn’t be surprising coming from a gaming world’s prominent figure such as Ben Brode — the person best known for Heartstone, Blizzard’s genre-defining card game that features heroes from Blizzard games, including Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft franchises.

We’ll take a moment to discuss the aforementioned games since nearly all franchises have had some new development. Diablo 4 might launch in April next year, and World of Warcraft expansion is less than three weeks away. The company’s recent release, Overwatch 2, is bigger than its predecessor ever was, and the only thing that stagnates is StarCraft, which has no addition to its narrative, which apparently concluded in the third expansion of the franchise’s second installment.

As for Marvel Snap, the new title is making a name for itself and its development studio by offering a unique card-battling multiplayer experience. The players build 12-card decks and battle against other players, with each card draining energy and power level. Each battle takes place over three distinct locations, and players have to win two out of three battles to win the encounters, while tiebreakers are determined by total power accumulated. So far, we haven’t heard anything worth standing out, but there are certain elements that make this game fun.

Marvel Snap games are six rounds each, and they’re incredibly short, with each game running for about five to ten minutes. This is perfect for quick gaming sessions, in which you would pick up a game, deal some superhero tushy-whooping, and put the game down if necessary. In addition, the cards themselves look good since the game is primarily designed for smartphones — it isn’t ported from a PC or tablet game.

But one thing that makes Marvel Snap incredibly interested is the new gameplay style. The change of locations, different stakes in each battle, and different strategic approaches to each battle are what make the game loved by millions of players. Why would you even consider changing that?