Logan Paul Destroyed 15 Game Boy Colors And Fans Are Enraged

By Jason Collins | 8 seconds ago

game boy colors logan paul

The internet is angry at Logan Paul again, and this time it’s not about throwing a lousy fight against Floyd Mayweather while having a Pokemon Card on his person. Instead, this time, the YouTube personality managed to rile up what appears to be the entire Nintendo fandom in his art-and-crafts project. Namely, Paul took a selection of 15 Game Boy Color handheld consoles, some of which are quite collectible, and encased them in epoxy to create a table with some LED lighting.

You can check his tweet below:

According to Kotaku, Logan Paul posted his project on TikTok and shared the video clip on Twitter on December 26. As shown in the videos he posted, Paul took 15 Game Boy Colors, including the limited edition Pokemon-themed handheld and a dandelion yellow version, and enclosed them in several pounds of epoxy resin, combined with a lighting system, all wrapped up with a metal Pokeball frame. Paul posted a follow-up video showing how the table lights up and how lighting changes color, which is in theme with the current RGB-obsessed gaming culture. But the fans aren’t happy about Paul’s arts and crafts.

To be fair, Logan Paul’s Game Boy Color tabletop project is a good way of preserving some of gaming’s history by repurposing older hardware into something artistic and functional. However, the internet’s reaction has been pretty hostile, and for no apparent reason — he hasn’t done anything wrong or destroyed anything rare, as some of the angry tweets would lead others to believe. Game Boy Color handhelds are widely available on eBay, flea markets, and thrift shops, and people have been buying them second-hand ever since Game Boy Color was discontinued in 2003.

Like other near-vintage gaming hardware, Game Boy Color has a strong modding community. People buy these handhelds left and right, upgrade them, use them for spare parts for repairing other units or even make artful expressions using their hardware. So, Logan Paul is far from being the first person on the planet to “destroy” a Game Boy Color handheld console. But what’s most interesting about this entire project is actually the internet’s reaction.

As we previously said, the consoled are widely available just about anywhere. Logan Paul is well within his rights to purchase 15 of these consoles and do with them whatever he pleases. He could’ve made a video in which he smashes them — which wouldn’t be surprising — but instead, he made a coffee table. And who’s to say he even used working handhelds? They could very well be malfunctioning units. Well, they’re in resin now, so we’ll never find out. But we can expect him to do the same with Nintendo Switch in about 20 years.

But it’s still amazing how this particular public response, on Twitter of all places, is indicative of the internet’s most toxic qualities. While his project seemingly destroys what could be 15 perfectly working consoles, the internet continues to vilify Logan Paul as if he destroyed the Mona Lisa or brought down the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Does anyone else feel a Cancel Culture hashtag around the corner?