See The Legend Of Zelda Crossover With Another Huge Franchise

A fan has made a VR mod of Legenda of Zelda to crossover with the classic first-person shooter Doom.

By Jason Collins | Published

legend of zelda

Both Doom and The Legend of Zelda are among the most iconic franchises in their respective genres, with Zelda being a few years older than the aforementioned first-person shooter. Now, a fan of the original The Legend of Zelda has figured out a way to make a crossover of the two franchises and transform the original NES game into a VR experience using a mod made specifically for Bethesda Softwork’s Doom.

It’s actually quite remarkable what the gaming community has done with the original Doom game and its 2016 reboot. The former has been recreated several times over using modern technologies, and the latter was ported to Smart-refrigerator platforms, attesting to the ridiculous number of times id Software’s game was messed around with to create new gaming experiences. This new mod, or technically a crossover, is no exception, as it allows gamers to experience The Legend of Zelda as a 3D game.

In fact, we can say that the Legend of Doom is a first-person remake of the original 1986 Zelda game that launched on the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System, done in the Doom engine created by DeTwelve Games. It encompasses everything found in the timeless classic: its entire overworld, all the item, enemies, and secrets. Everything has been recreated from a new perspective, making the old-but-new Zelda a unique gaming experience. So, if you happen to have a copy of the original Doom or any of its remasters that have been released throughout the years, don’t miss this mod.

zelda tears of the kingdom

The game is a VR gaming experience, and the results of the conversion are pretty impressive. There aren’t any errors, bugs, or major problems associated with the conversion, and everything looks quite good. It’s worth mentioning that the world of the original The Legend of Zelda feels much bigger in VR than it did on our old Cathode-Ray Tube (CRT) television sets. There are some minor discrepancies, like the sword and shield being more detailed compared to the environment and the enemies, but the amount of fun delivered by this mod makes the difference negligible.

Many are wondering whether Nintendo has assembled its legal team and preparing a cease-and-desist, but the mod is actually modifying Doom and not The Legend of Zelda. Since they’re not actually modifying Nintendo’s IP or using the mod for commercial purposes, those credited with the mod’s creation should be safe from any legal action by the Japanese tech giant. But, never say never; Nintendo is known for abandoning the teams it closely collaborated with, and some of those were actually mere footsteps from an official partnership with the company.

The Legend of Zelda franchise isn’t actually short of mods, but those are mostly made for emulated use, like the recently mentioned Breath of the Wild multiplayer or various Ocarina of Time ports and mods that the gamers shared amongst themselves. And this isn’t the first VR mod the gaming community has made to honor their favorite gaming releases. Skyrim was playable in VR long before the official release, and the same can be said for Resident Evil Village, whose official VR release should coincide with the release of the PSVR 2 headset next month.