See The Wild League Of Legends And Nerf Collaboration

Nerf is releasing a League of Legends collectible toy gun based on Jinx's Fishbone.

By Jason Collins | Published

League of Legends‘ Jinx really loves her rocket launcher, Fishbones, which is now turned into a limited-edition Nerf gun. League of Legends developer Riot Games and Nerf have teamed up to make one of Jinx’s signature weapons that now measures 36 inches in length and sports an 18-dart capacity drum stuffed into six clusters of three darts. We have previously seen this weapon in both the game and the animated series, and we have to say that it’s the absolute blast of a weapon.

According to Destructoid, this awesome League of Legends collectible resulted from Jinx’s mainstream recognition, which stemmed from her prominence in the Arcane animated series that ran on Netflix. The gargantuan Nerf gun is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping out on December 31, 2022. Besides the aforementioned ammo capacity and three-shot burst rounds, Fishbones will also feature a Jinx-inspired stand and display packaging for collectors.

The League of Legends blaster will retail for $170 as a premium, special edition item belonging to a limited-edition product line of the most iconic items from gaming, television, and cinematic releases. This means that League of Legends finally joined other Nerf collabs, which now include Star Wars, Halo, Star Trek, Aliens, and many other popular entertainment brands. Now, some might consider $170 a steep asking price, but given the current gaming memorabilia craze, the limited edition of the blaster is likely to increase its value in the coming years, especially if it’s in minted condition.

league of legends
Nerf’s Fishbone gun.

Let’s take a moment to remember that Super Mario cartridges for NES, assuming that they’re minted, now go for hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. The same can be said for Pokemon cards, which were pulled from sales on several occasions after the collector-caused unrest that resulted in property damage and personal injury. There’s money to be made in collectibles, and people are using this craze as an investment vehicle to make more green.

However, there are those who would like to fire their Fishbones gun in a true Jinx manner. Nerf and Hasbro recommend players bring face protection since the pump action Fishbones fires off three foam darts in a single shot. Those who previously got their hands on a premium Nerf product actually find this recommendation sound, as the premium-line blaster pack quite a punch, despite firing out foam darts.

Interestingly, besides being a completely awesome piece of gaming memorabilia, some gamers are currently arguing whether the blaster would be cooler if it shot out one massive projectile instead of six three-dart shots. There’s a point to be made there considering that the blaster is actually a replica of a League of Legends rocket launcher, while others don’t actually care about the ammo type or capacity. Then, there are those who would like to get their hands on the blaster for cosplay purposes.

League of Legends franchise remains among the top gaming releases played in e-sports competitions. For those who haven’t tried it yet, the game is currently available on PC, macOS, and GeForce Now.