New Kingdom Hearts Game Will Allow Customization Like Never Before

The new Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link game will allow for far more customization of characters not seen in the franchise before.

By Jason Collins | Published

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The new Kingdom Hearts game, titled Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link, will feature a character creation mode that’s unprecedented in the iconic franchise. Square Enix, the game’s developer, has shared news regarding the character creation mode and what exactly to expect from the game as the development approaches yet another beta testing period in Japan. There’s still no word on the surprising Kingdom Hearts 4, though.  

According to Game Rant, Square Enix’s development team has confirmed that the upcoming mobile game is going to have a character creation mode, and it would seem that they kept their promise. The company has actually revealed some of the details about the character creation feature, and though the post offers somewhat limited information, it does state that the feature will be implemented once Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link is released. Fans of Kingdom Hearts mobile titles might notice that the level of customization is now far greater than in previous titles.

According to the Japanese post, besides typical aesthetic features, the mode is also going to include a change of clothing, allowing for a much broader customization of the player’s character. In addition to the announcement, the post also features several screenshots showcasing various customization options and samples players can expect to see in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link. Unfortunately, that’s where the information regarding the character customization feature ends.

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Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link still doesn’t have an official release date, but the development has just exited its closed beta testing. Luckily for the fans of the upcoming game, details are being shared by the Square Enix social media team, and the fandom is excited about every bit of progress in the development. Other reports suggest that the game is approximately 50% done, and none of that 50% is dedicated to the game’s main narrative. Luckily, those who experienced the closed beta also shared their experiences via social media.

The lack of Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link’s mainline story is among the most notable details about the upcoming game, despite the game trailer showcasing some crucial scenes from the game. Other details include the ability to swap between Keyblades and that the development team had implemented approximately 70% of all in-game features the game is supposed to receive. Players and fans should note that the game being at 50% isn’t reflective of the game’s development status. It only means that the other 50% of the overall content hasn’t been put together yet.

Being close to an open beta or possibly another round of close beta testing, the game is clearly in the latter stages of development. Once the second round of beta testing is complete, Square Enix is left to polish up the game and plan for the post-launch updates, most of which are related to the game’s mainline narrative and new content. As for the other highly anticipated title, Kingdom Hearts 4, Square Enix hasn’t shared any major information other than the surprising trailer that saw Sora waking up in the game’s iteration of Tokyo.

Kingdom Hearts: The Missing Link is supposed to launch for iOS devices sometime in the future, while the mainline trilogy found its place on yet another mobile platform.