See The Joker In An Ad For A Mobile RPG

By Jason Collins | Published

joaquin phoenix joker

We all know the Joker is a homicidal maniac, but no one could’ve guessed that he loves mobile RPGs too. Well, two new ads for idle figuring RPG called Figure Fantasy just revealed Joker’s true identity, not just as an overall agent of chaos but also as a gamer. Admittedly, the quality of acting in these commercials is questionable, but their comedic value is absolute. You can see the ads in a tweet below:

According to Kotaku, Daniel Ahmad, a well-known analyst of Niko Partners and an expert on the oriental videogame market, shared the absurd ads for Figure Fantasy in his Twitter post. One of those ads has turned the Joker into a gamer, with him and his henchmen cornering a man and introducing Figure Fantasy. The ad goes on presenting some of the game’s features while stating that you can play Figure Fantasy and obtain powerful heroes without spending a significant amount of money on microtransactions — which are, alongside cryptocurrencies, illegal in China anyway.

The peculiarity of these ads is the fact that there’s no discernable link between Joker and video games, though he appeared in several gaming titles, including Injustice, and the Batman series, though he’s arguable his best or worst self in 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight. However, it isn’t easy to imagine Joker sitting somewhere playing a videogame specifically designed for Android and iOS smartphones. The choice of character comes down to the Joker’s recent rise in popularity, especially Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker from 2019, which aims to leverage the absurdity and push the people to talk about it. And it obviously worked.

For those who aren’t acquainted with the gaming title, don’t fret. Asia has its own gaming market that’s very seldomly accessible to the rest of the world. The now-defunct Dragon Ball Online video game was a perfect example of Asia’s gaming rules — those interested in playing would have to enter KSSN, or Korean Social Security Number. Though this only relates to Korea, there are numerous gaming titles that are accessible to the English-speaking gaming community but simply lack any English translation that would make the story enjoyable.

figure fantasy

According to the game’s official website, Figure Fantasy is a 3D figurine RPG in which players collect anime statuettes. These figurines can be sent out on missions, leveled up, sent into PVP battles, and displayed in virtual playrooms. Luckily, the game is available to the American and European markets, so anyone interested in “idle” gaming can check it out. Figure Fantasy, whose name reminds of another title (deceptive marketing?), is a creative child of Flow Entertainment, a development team founded in 2016. It soft-launched on November 16 through 29, depending on the region, and managed to garner 13.8 million from various investors, including Sequoia China, NetEase, and Bilibili.

The game’s publisher, Komoe Technology Limited, officially launched the open beta version of the Figure Fantasy video game for both Android and iOS, which is becoming a massive hit in both Asia and the rest of the world. Though, we firmly believe that the Global version of the game will feature pay-to-win elements and microtransactions.