Horizon Multiplayer Game On The Way?

Guerilla Games is currently developing a multiplayer game set in the universe of Horizon.

By Jason Collins | Published

Horizon multiplayer

Guerilla Games, the developers of the Horizon series of open-world action adventures for PlayStation 5, is working on a Horizon multiplayer game. The team shared the news via their Twitter page, stating that they’re looking for more than 30 developers for its Horizon single-player and multiplayer, as well as an external project they’re working on. The Horizon multiplayer has been rumored for quite some time, and while this isn’t an official confirmation, it’s a pretty good sign that the franchise is developing in all the right directions.

According to Destructoid, Guerilla Games’ post was much more of a job listing rather than an official confirmation, considering that the team is looking to hire additional staff. But it did offer some insight into what’s being developed, and a Horizon multiplayer seems to be one of the games currently in an early stage of production. Admittedly, the multiplayer project isn’t directly tied to any of the Horizon games, so we won’t get to see the game’s protagonist running about. But the post states that the online project is set in Horizon’s universe.

Horizon multiplayer

So, the upcoming project is likely going to be to Horizon what World of Warcraft was to Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. That implies an entirely new cast of characters and a uniquely styled look for a gaming release that would allow friends to explore the stunning post-apocalyptic wilds of Horizon. The question is how would all of this would tie into Horizon’s narrative and if there would be any connections to the existing storyline at all. The alternative is a shared universe in which Aloy is merely mentioned. There are questions that currently remain unanswered.

It was previously reported that NCSoft — who managed the Guild Wars MMO — and Sony, the Guerilla Games’ parent company, have reached an agreement over the development of MMO set within the Horizon universe, which coincides with Sony’s push into the PC and live-service gaming markets. The evidence for this is the rise in a number of multiplayer developments for Sony’s first-party titles like Ghost of Tsushima and previously-unearthed multiplayer component for The Last of Us, all of which are currently in development.

These plans were also revealed by Sony’s acquisition of Bungie, whose Destiny 2 MMO shooter has become a golden standard in terms of live-service gaming. This granted Sony much more than access to Bungie’s assets and knowledge of game-making. It granted Sony a quicker entrance to the live-service gaming market, which the company fully exploits while simultaneously advocating against Microsoft’s pricey acquisition of Activision Blizzard — despite Microsoft offering Sony at least ten years of Call of Duty game.

Sony’s diving into live-service gaming is great news for a Horizon multiplayer game, despite the live-service gaming’s notoriously low success rate. Making an MMO isn’t all that easy. Still, it’s important to note that Sony’s decision is purely profit-driven. MMOs make a ton of money for their developers, especially when microtransactions become implemented. Given Sony’s money-grabbing nature, Electronic Arts might finally have some competition when it comes to putting a hand in the players’ pockets.