High On Life Has A Game Breaking Bug That Fans Love

A High on Life bug has players stuck, seemingly forever, in Applebee's.

By Jason Collins | Updated

high on life

A bizarre game-breaking bug is plaguing High on Life—a recently released shooter experience penned by the Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland—as it traps players in an in-game, space version of Applebee’s. Players, on the other hand, are reacting quite unexpectedly; while the bug is breaking the game and forcing players to start over, many have made the best out of it and turned to humor and irony of being stuck at Applebee’s in space.

According to Kotaku, several High on Life players on Valve’s digital platform are reporting that the door to the space version of Applebee’s slammed shut and never opened up again. Admittedly, this only happened to players who had their game crash while they were at the popular restaurant. However, the unfortunate circumstance is that players have to visit the in-game venue during one of its many missions and have a not-so-pleasant chat with their gun—yes, for those that don’t know what High on Life is, the guns in this game can talk.

As it turns out, if your game crashes at any point during your visit and for any reason, you’ll be forced to remain inside the famous restaurant for the foreseeable future. Some managed to escape, but they soon found themselves back inside Applebee’s, as if the location was a checkpoint of some kind. Even if it is, it’s rather strange that the door to the establishment doesn’t open and that reverting to the actual checkpoint doesn’t actually work. This signals an error with High on Life’s coding.  

high on life
The Applebee’s in High on Life, where you may spend eternity

That’s the likeliest of causes, as the bug happens only to a segment of the gaming community, suggesting a variable that causes the bug. Perhaps the code conflicts with the hardware’s processing. Whatever the case may be, the bug is generating a ton of online humor regarding the situation, and it’s actually nice to see gamers take this positively—a crowd that’s notoriously known for grabbing torches and pitchforks every time their favorite release encounters a bug. But this isn’t the only headline High on Life has generated.

We previously discussed that the game’s art was created using artificial intelligence—a discussion that’s still going on in the arts community. Its existence alone is generating some interesting questions, especially in the field of ethics—should we allow emotionless algorithms to create something that most humans experience emotionally? It’s hard to imagine an AI writing God of War Ragnarok, which is a masterpiece of gaming, or The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart.

Regardless of where respective individuals stand on the ethics of machines superseding humans (history has shown us society’s standpoint), the Space Applebee’s is still one hilarious bug because it straight out resembles something that could have easily fallen out of a Rick & Morty episode. The issue is yet to be addressed by the game’s developer, but it’s highly likely that the studio behind High on Life will release a patch to resolve this issue. The only question is when?